ACELR8 Embedded Recruiting vs. Contingent Agency

You can get overloaded with candidates. Or you get great hires in with ACELR8.


Plug in our Talent Partners

Our Talent Partners become part of your team (even remotely). We live in your communication tools, reach out on your company’s behalf, create constant feedback loops with hiring managers, and that empowers us to understand & pitch your company best.

Where contingency agencies send candidates to your inbox, ACELR8 partners up to find the perfect fit.

Pragnya Challapalli
Talent Partner
Andre Jank
Talent Partner
Annie Li
Talent Partner
Jonathan Tsang
Talent Partner
Paul Power
Associate Talent Partner
Daniel Sedgwick
Engagement Manager

Traditional Agency



Saved on tools
Saved vs agency
Saved on tools

Pay for your recruiting as you pay for your Netflix

ACELR8 subscription-based pricing is split in a small retainer fee for getting a dedicated recruiter onboard and a small fee per hire. Alternatively, depending on your hiring needs, we can also offer you a flat fee.

This gives a mutual responsibility to make the hire fast and with quality. Unlike contingency agencies, that have high success fees.


Let your candidates enjoy their hiring process

We speak to candidates, as your team members would. By becoming part of your team, our recruiters speak the language of your business, are up-to-date on latest product developments and give the candidates instant feedback.

Unlike contingency agencies, our recruiters are dedicated to one company only: yours.


Focus on making your business succeed, as we take care of full-cycle recruitment

Contingent recruiting agencies focus just on the start of the recruiting process, so after sourcing and screening the candidates, they will leave the process to you.

ACELR8 takes care of your full-cycle recruiting process, from first thought about hiring to welcoming new hires in your office (setup).


Bring a recruiting expert onboard, instantly

Once a contingent agency hires a person that matches the profile, they off-board without useful feedback on building your own recruiting function. At ACELR8, we offer our aggregated learning from top startups.

We give you access to our Hiring Playbooks and train your team on becoming better at hiring with ACELR8 Academy.


Tap into a pre-vetted talent pool of candidates

ACELR8 constantly engages active talent that is on the market. You get free access to exactly that talent pool, Compass.