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How it works

*Cinzia Silvia Melograna - Recruiter

step 1
Pick your team

Pick the team that you want to highlight

step 2
Discover your culture

How does your team operate? What is their culture?

step 3
Talk to relevant candidates

8 hours of video shooting in the office. We edit short videos. Create a teampage to hire relevant candidates..

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Custom “Get to Know” page

Introduce your team via a custom-made team page, and show what is unique about your company. This empowers candidates to apply for roles that truly suit them, and makes the first call effective.

Advantages of our 'Get to Know' pages


Create a singularly powerful link to compel job seekers to apply


Bring across your mission, values and growth plans

Scale out

Speak only to suiting candidates that want to grow your business

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