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Do a workshop to find out the value proposition of your team and get relevant content to use, to attract talent.

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Advantages of Employer Branding


Create a relevant and qualitative talent pool - from first interaction with your future employees it is clear what your company is about, so you will find talent that matches your culture and company.


Interact with potential talent, by bringing across your mission, values and growth plans.


You can speed up your hiring, as relevant candidates land in your inbox, which makes your pipeline bigger and your processes shorter

How it works

  • Book a call Kick off with a conversation with our Employer Branding Expert to share your hiring needs
  • Get a workshop We’ll work with stakeholders across your business to develop messaging that will inform everything you share with candidates
  • Create relevant content On a reliable schedule, we'll create content to help you start and nurture relationships with potential candidates
  • See the candidates come in See a raise in quality and quantity in your hiring pipeline

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How we helped fast-growing companies

Get your employer brand

One time

  • Workshop
  • 5x Content Pieces
  • 1 x Event
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Ongoing Support

  • Workshop
  • Interviews with Employees
  • Quarterly Event
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How do we reshape employer branding?


We connect worldwide. Working in the space for over 5 years led us to have a dedicated network of founders, investors, business experts, entrepreneurs, HR leaders and many more. We learn from all of them on a daily basis and consult them when needed.

Topic Owners

We are experts. Each squad at ACELR8 owns a topic (e.g. organisational development, employer branding, process optimization etc.) They collect solve challenges in our diverse set of clients daily and use them as a case to improve.

ACELR8 Brain

We never stop exploring. Players like LinkedIn started to disrupt the recruitment market and we research pending topics in order to optimize the talent acquisition efforts of our clients.

Discover how ACELR8 shape your hiring!

ACELR8 is not only looking for a matching technical profile, but also for people who fit us and our values.

Lucas Bremer
CPO & Co-Founder, quantilope
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