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October 29, 2018
August 16, 2021

ACELR8 Hosts Halloween Party 2018

Isabel Strijland

After moving to a new office in Kreuzberg, ACELR8 took on Halloween and hosted its first event in the new place. The event counted with a variety of our partners with members from Contentful, BCG Digital Ventures, solarisBank, Asana Rebel and HelloFresh. Everyone got together (in costumes!) to recollect on a great year of achievements alongside with a great deal of fun.

In an untypical evening, the title “colleague” became “friend” and the boundaries of a workplace were left behind. Laughs were countless and new connections were made. Activities for the night included pumpkin carving, horror movie room, dancing classes, to even a highly disputed beer pong table.

ACELR8 thanks all participants and reassures the open door policy the startup is proud to have. The first of many events was an undeniable success and we’re looking forward to having you back in the events to follow.

Thank you!

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