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March 4, 2022
March 4, 2022

How to Help Ukraine

Lewis Mc Cahill

Before we go any further, here are several donation links for reputable organisations and foundations focusing on helping the people of Ukraine:

How to Help Ukraine info database

Red Cross Donations

Voices of Children Organisation

Save the Children

This support page set up by Startup Wise Guys

As a business, and as a person really, it’s easy to feel powerless when it comes to crises like these. In this article, we want to present you with a list of ways you can help Ukrainians or those involved or affected by the crisis. 

One of the best things you can do as a company, of course, is to help out Ukrainians who have lost their jobs or livelihood. But where can you find them? 

We will regularly be updating this article to add more helpful resources and projects.

If you have any suggestions to help us in this crisis, please reach out to us at, or through LinkedIn.

How to Hire and Help Relocate Ukrainians

This list of open positions, made by Rex Rushling, is filled with open roles that can be performed remotely or the company is willing to help relocate. All jobs are welcome, and it is quickly filling up with roles from companies all over Europe. Anyone is open to adding roles to the sheet and it has fully open access. 

Victor Soroka has also set up a sourcing channel that focuses on finding Ukrainian talent and pairing them with businesses. You can sign up for their Discord channel through this form. 

Remote Ukraine is also a fantastic resource for finding and helping top-quality talent. Their platform allows for once-off tasks, temporary positions, and full-time roles, so there’s something for every company. You can even pay talent through their platform.

If you’re a HR company, you can also provide assistance through this Notion page, which focuses on helping Ukrainian companies with human resource needs. 

Imagine Ukraine are working with refugees, volunteer organisations, and companies to create a network that helps individuals find employment, visas, or relocation. They are also organising a Talent AirLift Ukraine, which is focused on getting people out of Ukraine and into gainful employment through participating companies. 

Companies such as Localyze who are working with Imagine in their Talent Airlift Project, which specialises in helping hire teams internationally, have set up an email address ( to help people find solutions to their problems around the Ukraine crisis. Localyze have already helped over 100 people this way, and that number is growing fast. This is a simple step your company can also take to provide help to those who need it. 

They also have a Notion page filled with info and helpful supports you can use or get involved in.

For more temporary positions, you can always look to freelance sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or other resources to help you find freelancers from Ukraine. is also working with the Portuguese government to make it easier for Ukrainian nationals to relocate to Portugal. If your company specialises in relocation or even knows experts who can help, you can get in touch with local and national government authorities to help enact this in other countries. 

You can also quite simply post on all your social media that you are there and ready to help. Open, vocal support is a simple step in the process, and can bring you in partnership with other companies searching to find ways to help in this crisis. You can also put on your careers page that you are open to accelerated hiring for Ukrainian candidates.

How to Help Directly

Tech to the Rescue is pairing tech companies with NGOs, allowing you to use your company’s skills to help organisations develop websites, create funding platforms, or other tasks. 

The Ukraine Global Taskforce is a volunteer collective working to help with all aspects of the Ukraine crisis. Always open to more volunteers, this collective needs assistance with projects such as transportation, food supply organisation, and mapping. 

This collective of Ukrainian businesses owners have set up a support page, which can help put you in touch with those who need help. 

Offer language classes - many Ukrainians already have a good level of English or German, but just need refresher courses to help with grammar or other language aspects. You can professionally offer these to people if you have the means, or you can also volunteer at language schools. 

Think Off-Grid - Many people at the moment are not going to have open access to the internet or other media. Create flyers, posters, and other physical media to help get your messages across. Whether it’s phone numbers people can call for help or locations for food, shelter, or other amenities, they can be a serious help. 

Cover all the bases - Don’t just think of hiring people in relation to tech or other office roles - Ukrainian accountants, office managers, cleaners, electricians, and everyone else is also looking for some stability right now. 

Use Your Onboarding Powers - If your company has the time and resources, you can afford to hire people in need with less experience and train them in once they’re hired and being paid. Onboarding programs are easy to set up and automate so that you can provide more opportunities to people. 

Communication - Every company has old tech lying around - unused laptops, phones and other devices. Donate them instead of letting them gather dust in your back office when they could be put to good use. Many phone providers are waiving roaming charges to Ukrainians throughout Europe, but it may also be a good idea to include a paid sim card so that phones are usable. 

Use Your Community - Look around you and see what connections you have and how your community can help. Reach out, host forums, even just put out posters with your email address on them, the community will follow suit. 

Share Your Home - If you’re based in Germany, this site links people looking for accommodation with those who have space in their homes. Sign up through their site and their team will help you give someone a place to sleep tonight. If possible, you can also convert your office into a temporary living space.

Protest - Your company can organise protests, attend protests as a team, or help to make signs, placards, and banners for local protests to help with the current movement.

Keep an Eye Out & Stay Vocal

These are all clear and actionable ways that you can help with this crisis. Above all, remember to stay vocal - speak with people online and in person to find ways that everyone can help together. Support systems and communities are quickly being developed in nations all over the world. If you’re based in Berlin or the surrounding area, you can stay updated through this website on new movements and support systems being set up. 

Thank you!

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