July 26, 2022
July 27, 2022

Introducing Acelr8 Connect

Milda Skladaityte

Welcome, Acelr8 Connect. A new sourcing tool in your recruiting stack that bridges the gap between "unavailable" talent and ambitious companies. 

Great companies want to hire great people

Simple, right? But even the most exciting companies don't get that many "perfect-match" inbound applicants - the best matches are not yet looking for a new opportunity. Potential candidates are somewhat happy with their current roles, teams, and product challenges. That's why the only way to reach this "somewhat-happy" talent is through active talent sourcing. 

That's why we're launching Acelr8 Connect. A sourcing platform that books the first interview with talent that matches your requirements, growth stage, and company DNA. 

Sourcing is rewarding but painful

Actively reaching out to people who might be a good fit for the position is a very effective way to hire great talent. At acelr8 we hire for a vast network of EMEA and US-based startups and scaleups. According to internal data 

To reach these hiring targets a senior recruiter spends approximately: 

  • 10 hours/week sourcing talent
  • 25 hours/week interviewing candidates
  • 3 hours/week reporting and stakeholder management
  • 2 hours/week communication and scheduling

That's 15 hours of weekly time sync. Acelr8's user research showed that sourcing is perceived as a time-consuming task and is the biggest pain point for most hiring teams. Peter, the Head of Performance Marketing at Blinkist said: 

It's the time sink of coursing and finding the right candidates that are the most frustrating bit. Often not having enough time and clarity about how to navigate the talent creates process redundancy. There must be a balance of speed, matchmaking, hitting hiring targets, and honing into what we're after throughout the process. 

Martin, the Head of People at Prisma mentioned that "The best talent is never "available", it needs to be made available through direct sourcing". 

Stop sinking, start sourcing

Our mission is to make sure that you can have meaningful conversations with candidates outside of your inbound talent funnel without the time to sink. Here"s how Connect works: 

Step 1: Let's talk about you: add your email address and tell us a bit about the company you're hiring for. 

Step 2: Add your jobs:
define the roles you're sourcing for. Select the seniority level, and what function you're hiring for. Share or paste a job description. 

Step 3: Define the salary range:
insert your salary range. If you don't know the pay range for the position you can book a call with our talent advisers. 

Step 4: Describe your ideal candidate:
share the "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves" and get matched with talent outside of your inbound funnel. 

Step 5: Share your pitch: tell Connect why this role is an exciting career step. Do that by sharing a list of the company's unique attributes and defining a salary range. 

Start connecting with your dream candidates. 

Go to Connect.

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Introducing Acelr8 Connect. A Sourcing Platform For Teams That Love Predictable Hiring

Welcome, Acelr8 Connect. A new sourcing tool in your recruiting stack that bridges the gap between "unavailable" talent and ambitious companies.