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May 27, 2019
August 16, 2021

Introducing ACELR8 Jobs — Our Next Step in Helping You Finding a Dream Job

Daniel Marcinkowski

Since ACELR8 was founded, we were a tech-driven company. We always look for innovative and unusual solutions that often involve new and untested tools. We love to be the early adopters of technology that can improve how we work and how we help our clients hire the right people. That being said, we always wanted to find ourselves on the other side and put product development in our own hands. Moreover, as we already teased in the article on our refreshed website, it's finally happening.

We are introducing ACELR8 Jobs — a new job platform that connects candidates with the most exciting companies out there.

Job listing on ACELR8 Jobs

What's ACELR8 Jobs?

For us, an idea of developing our own job board was an obvious choice, but we didn't want to make just another job board site — ACELR8 Jobs is more than that.

First of all, the platform is not going to be open to everyone just yet. In the beginning, we are limiting it only to companies that work with us and to our own listings. We want to make sure that candidates visiting the website will be able to find only the most exciting companies verified by us. All of our current clients (including those who chose Inhouse, Talent Operations, or ACELR8 X services) can have their jobs listed on ACELR8 Jobs. Of course, in the future, the platform will be open to companies that don't use ACELR8's services. We will keep you updated on that!

Getting to Know… series on ACELR8 Jobs blog

Boost your career with ACELR8 Jobs

The website is not all about the jobs — we also want to provide candidates with knowledge and resources that will help them in finding a new career path.

First, we've got ACELR8 Jobs blog, where shortly we are going to post relocation guides, helpful advice for job seekers, and more. The blog is also going to feature a series called Getting to Know… — interviews with employees of companies featured on ACELR8 Jobs — that gives candidates the opportunity to meet your future colleagues and hear their stories first-hand.

Salary Calculator

Besides that, you can also access our Salary Calculator to check how does your potential salary compares with the market's average.

We have a lot of amazing ideas for growing ACELR8 Jobs, and we can't wait to make them real soon! Be sure to check the website often. Also, if you're a job seeker — hopefully you'll find your dream job there!

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