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May 22, 2019
August 16, 2021

Meet the New Side of ACELR8 with a Refreshed Website and a New Blog

Daniel Marcinkowski

This May was one of the most exciting months in ACELR8's history and marked the start of a new era for our company. We kicked off our very own podcast A-Players, as well as Talking Talent events series in Berlin. Both allow us to share information with our community and start discussions on pending talent acquisition topics. However, there is more to that!

Our refreshed services

Our website has opened us to a lot of exciting opportunities, and we truly believe it has had an outsized impact on ACELR8's growth. That being said, we were scared of making any changes that could negatively impact our relationships with potential clients. Finally, to open ourselves to a new set of opportunities and to solve the real recruitment challenges that fast-growing companies face, we decided to take a big step forward and redesign

With the beginning of the month, we soft-launched our refreshed website. Not only is the site itself more polished, but it also features our new, more colourful and lively branding. The website is focused on explaining our services for high-growth companies — Inhouse, that provides you a Talent Partner to become part of your team Talent Operations, for live consult from our experts to build out your talent engine, ACELR8 X, forms a community of executives to put the right captains on your ship, and ACELR8 Jobs, where candidates can find jobs that boost their career (the last one will be covered in a separate article, so stay tuned!)

Our client case studies also got a new home! Fully refreshed subpage features information about our past clients, services we offered them, and results of the partnerships. On the site, you can find stories from companies like solarisBank, Asana Rebel, HelloFresh, and more.

Brand new page with case studies

The new website was also an opportunity to launch ACELR8 Blog, home to learnings from previous collaborations, new A-Players podcast episodes, announcements, and more. Be sure to subscribe to the blog with the form below the article so that you won't miss new entries.

We can't wait to share even more exciting news with you in the near future! Till then, feel welcome to visit our new website and give it a spin.

Thank you!

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