Expanding from France to Germany and the UK

Success story: PayFit

PayFit is a French SaaS startup that is reinventing payroll management for companies. They have created a set of tools for processing payrolls and managing employees. Their software can be used to track holidays, working time, expenses, onboardings, and more.

The challenge: expansion to the UK and Germany

PayFit’s product was doing great in France, but they wanted to expand to other European markets starting with the UK and Germany. They reached out to us to help them in expanding to these markets by building new, local teams. From our side, it required us to find people who could help Payfit in adjusting their software to British and German legal requirements, which meant rebuilding parts of the product.

The results:

1. Customised sourcing strategy

We offered Payfit a customised search of candidates that would help them adjust to the new markets. Our services resulted in PayFit finding their first key employee that helped kicking-off operations in the UK and Germany and building a team around that hire.

2. Expertise entering new markets

Our presence in all of the PayFit’s markets (France, UK, and Germany), as well as experience with building sales and product teams, meant that the collaboration was very effective. We easily managed to find Product Builders for both British and German offices. In the latter one, we also helped in forming a sales team. It was a great experience helping Payfit enter two new, at that time unexplored markets.

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