Filling in key roles in Paris

Success story: Comet

Comet is a Paris-based startup on a mission to change how tech freelancers collaborate with companies. They connect people who mastered a variety of different technologies with startups seeking engineers for short-term projects. For the companies, it’s a lot of time saved on looking for the right people for their projects. For the freelancers, it’s taking out all of the stress regarding dealing with things like taxes and insurances, since all of that is taken care of by Comet.

The challenge

Comet wanted to grow their team, but they were missing a few key roles that would make the expansion easier for them: Financial Manager, Operations Manager, and Community Manager.

The result

At first, we worked with Comet contingently on a trial basis to hire a Financial Manager. After a speedy closing in just two weeks, we went in-house to work on their remaining key roles — Operations Manager, and Content Manager. We worked closely with the VP of Talent to help Comet in hiring efforts for different roles as well before they found a full-time recruiter.

During the two months of working with the company, Mark, our Country Manager France, reported directly to the CEO of Comet. Having such a direct relationship with him allowed us to understand the company’s needs adequately. All three people that we hired still work for Comet and they helped the company grow to over 100 people.


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