Hiring Engineering Managers at speed

Success story: HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a Berlin-based startup that delivers fresh food kits (and accompanying recipes) to customers’ doors. Founded in 2011, HelloFresh has now grown to over 2,500 employees, serving over 48m meals in Q2 2018 alone.

The challenge: hiring tech leaders in Berlin

HelloFresh had an urgent need for top-tier Engineering Managers and turned to us for help.

This was the first time that HelloFresh Berlin had opened these roles to external candidates, so we faced the difficulty of trying to find candidates who fitted in with the culture of HelloFresh. In particular, we were after individuals who are comfortable in a very high-growth, very fast-paced environment.

The type of profile HelloFresh was looking for was a specific one: they wanted candidates who were technically hands-on but had excellent leadership skills, including experience managing teams of ~10 people. Often candidates with team leadership experience have moved away from hands-on coding, so this was a tough profile to track down.

We also faced the difficulty of hiring at scale: HelloFresh needed at least six engineering managers as soon as possible.

The result

We sent Estelle, a Talent Partner whose speciality is hiring top talent at scale, to join HelloFresh in-house.

1. Hiring 6 Engineering Managers and closing 4 more, Senior roles

Estelle rose to the challenge admirably and managed to hire six engineering managers, five of whom were sourced. But she didn’t only meet HelloFresh’s ambitious targets; she exceeded them. She also hired three strong Senior Backend Engineers. Furthermore, she found HelloFresh their Director of Engineering in Berlin, all within six months.

2. Documenting the interviewing process

In addition to this, Estelle also prepared documentation for the interview process, to make hiring Engineering Managers at HelloFresh easier when the need next arises. This included simplifying and streamlining the interview process; preparing coding challenges in collaboration with Hiring Managers; and advising Hiring Managers on interview questions. In doing so, we hope that Estelle’s impact will continue to be felt at HelloFresh even after her assignment is complete.


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