Hiring Engineers and Designers for a Fully-Remote Company

Hotjar about working with ACELR8

‘The immediacy of impact. We saw value on the first day.’
Ken Weary — VP Operations at Hotjar

‘The speed was a huge benefit. Daniel (Senior Talent Partner ACLER8) kept on top of a pretty high volume of inbound applications, whilst also experimenting with ways to improve our hiring speed and sourcing candidates from globally. It's been a huge support to have ACELR8 onboard to fulfil our tech hiring needs.’
Sara Bent - Senior Ops Specialist at Hotjar

Success story: Hotjar

If you ever worked on optimising your website’s performance, you may be familiar with a tool called Hotjar. It allows Marketers, Product Managers, and Designers to track the behaviour of the website visitors through heatmaps, screen recordings, and more. It also allows companies to gather feedback from the users. Apart from being famous for its strong engineering team, the company also operates fully-remote and is spread through both the EMEA and Americas. Being remote is a huge part of the company’s culture.

The challenge: not enough recruitment bandwith

Hotjar is a bootstrapped company, recording a year-to-year growth. Currently, they are working on updating features of their tools, therefore they are growing their Engineering and Product teams to help with these updates.

They had a very-well-structured hiring process in place already, but, unfortunately, only had one person hiring for both technical and non-technical positions. Due to the increased hiring plans in the Product and Engineering teams, they needed the support of a company experienced in hiring for tech employees to help support their Operations team, and that is when they reached out to ACELR8. We took the challenge and adjusted our Inhouse model to the remote culture of Hotjar.

The results: hires, diversity, and speed

First of all, for us, collaboration with Hotjar meant that we had to truly understand what working remotely means and how it impacts the company’s culture. They implemented tools and solutions that help them achieve flawless collaboration, even with the team spread around the world. Our Senior Talent Partner working with Hotjar, Daniel Sedgwick, was the first person in ACELR8's UK team so he already had some exposure to working in a remote environment, which would help him in this mission.

Hotjar team ACELR8

1. Increased the diversity rate in the team

Next, we focused on increasing the diversity in the company by approaching new groups and regions, especially adding more female candidates to the pipeline and sourcing people from Africa.

2. Optimised the speed of the hiring process

For the hiring process itself, we wanted to improve it. One obstacle that was highlighted to us from day one, was the speed of the process and how it needed to increase for the team to reach their hiring goals. We worked closely with the Operations, Engineering, and Hiring teams to help reduce the time it took. We trialled new processes, some which work effectively and some which were not so effective. We increased the number of interviewers, which involved training them on how to interview candidates for Hotjar.

3. Manage to make 17 hires in 5 months

Currently, Hotjar has around 100 employees, 17 hired by ACELR8. It was exciting to work with Hotjar and explore new, innovative ways of working and collaboration, such as working remotely.

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