Over 40 technical hires in one year

Success story: solarisBank

SolarisBank is a tech company with a banking license. It’s disrupting a centuries-old industry by providing a financial platform that doesn’t require a typical bank to function. SolarisBank is an API-accessible banking-as-a-service platform, allowing clients to select certain banking modules and tailor solarisbank’s services to their own needs, in order to create their own banking products.

The challenge: constantly evolving hiring needs

The key challenge at solarisBank was volume hiring. SolarisBank were looking to bring on a huge amount of technical talent, with a relatively small existing recruiting function. At the same time, solarisBank were constantly creating different services, units, and products, so they needed a Talent Partner who could be as flexible and agile as they are in order to keep up with their constantly evolving hiring needs.

The results: hiring over 50 people and acknowledgement of the employer brand

We sent our Senior Talent Partner, Viola, to help solarisBank achieve the high number of technical hires they needed. Later, she was joined by our Research Analyst, André, to provide scheduling and interviewing support; and later still by Joyce (Senior Talent Partner) and Gia (Talent Partner).

solarisbank and ACELR8 talent partners

1. Boosting the company's employer brand

Key to our success in solarisBank was boosting their employer branding – promoting solarisBank among the engineering community as the product-first company that they are. We did this by promoting solarisBank on LinkedIn and other social media; utilising existing engineers’ networks; advertising vacancies on various job boards; and actively promoting solarisBank in Slack communities.

2. Agile hiring process

We also took an agile approach to recruitment in order to meet solarisBank’s ever-changing needs. Every week, we met with the VP of Engineering to evaluate which roles had become most critical and focus our sourcing efforts on these.

3. Working on 20+ roles at once

At the same time, we continued to screen applicants and move candidates through the interview process for the 20+ roles we were working on at any one time, in order to ensure candidates had an enjoyable interview experience.

4. Over 50 technical hires

Our efforts paid off: since we first joined solarisBank in-house in March 2018, we’ve made over 50 technical hires – a significant contribution to solarisBank’s growth from around 100 people to 200+ employees.

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