Meet the team.

Our diverse skills and backgrounds combine to help our clients find the talent they deserve.

Michael Varley


Michael is a co-founder of ACELR8 and leads our team in Berlin. He is a never-ending source of knowledge on every issue associated with recruitment, and used these insights to found the company. His leadership is about empowering his team to work autonomously.

Steve Brumwell


Steve is a co-founder of ACELR8. He drives our success in the UK and is one of the most experienced headhunters in the country. He uses his networking and people skills to find exactly what founders are looking for and connect them with the right talent worldwide.

Mark Muller

Senior Talent Partner

Mark is the sniper of our team. He uses his skill and experience to deliver on the most difficult searches. His background lies in sales and management. Mark used these skills to open up the Paris market, where he helps French startups to flourish. His experiences come together in the way he is a mentor to the team.

Isabel Strijland

Senior Talent Partner

Isabel began life at ACELR8 on the agency side and more recently grew into an in-house recruitment superstar. Her background in communication and business has given her a broad skillset. This gives her the ability to consult companies on their recruitment processes and to speak the same language as the exceptional talent she hires.

Viola Kovaca

Senior Talent Partner

Viola utilises her background in recruitment and human resources in her role at ACELR8. Her passion for the field brings a positive energy to the team, and she is handling a subset of accounts and managing her own team. Her mission is to grow our in-house model and make progress happen from the inside.

Joyce Ye

Senior Talent Partner

Joyce gained headhunting experience in Shangai (China) and is a educated engineer. After doing her MBA in France, her move to Berlin was a logical step to take on the challenge of upscaling Acelr8. She shares her experiences with the team through training and discussions. On top of that, she uses her strategic and process-driven mind to make our service model into a perfect market fit. It is her skill to combine the best of both worlds.

Daniel Sedgwick

Senior Talent Partner

Daniel is teaming up with Steve in order to build out our ACELR8 office in London. He showed to be entrepreneurial and succesful in founding his own startup and building up recruitment teams from scratch. That combined with his years of experience in (agency) recruitment brings alot of knowledge and skills to our team.

Niels van der Heijden

Senior Talent Partner

Niels posseses the golden triangle: entrepereunerial experience, inhouse- and agency experience. After learning alot about recruitment theories and models at Randstad, he moved to Berlin to build up the recruitment efforts from scratch at Contentful (one of Berlin' most succesful startups). Hiring for finance, sales, marketing and product he was ready to dive into one of our onsite recruitment projects from day 1. Next to that he will translate his recruitment knowledge in useable models for our clients, in order to strengthen the talent infrastructure we offer.

Estelle Boussès

Talent Partner

Estelle came to support our French team, but jumped into her first Berlin in-house assignment in the blink of an eye. She is a master in sourcing and loves to give a good candidate experience. Every partner will be lucky to have her!

Angela Ndagire

Talent Partner

Angela is an expert in sourcing and her interview experience makes her speak to the greatest talent world wide. She has a down-to-earth mentality and is highly interested in people. She took all her past experience and translated it into recruitment power, without ever stop learning new things.

Gia Metreveli

Talent Partner

Gia gained experience as a Team Lead in sourcing, upscaling people and client contact. His legal background gives him the ability to have a structured approach to recruitment. This all comes together in the role as Talent Partner, where Gia helps his clients to build superstar teams and to prepare for scale.

Edmund MacKeith

Junior Talent Partner

Edmund joined our team shortly after graduating from university in the UK. He enjoys joining new projects and using the British language creatively in his reach-outs. He is a star in sourcing and on a mission to organise ACELR8’s knowledge.

Andre Jank

Research Analyst

Andre joined our team in Berlin when support was needed most. He is a fast learner and passionate about building up our company. He knows what needs to be done to improve the lives of our clients, but also internally he is able to bring Acelr8 to a next level.

Swenja Tauchmann

Office Manager & Research Analyst

Swenja is a young, energetic all-rounder. She is using her creative mind to create the perfect working enviroment for all Acelr8'ers to thrive. By mapping out markets and sourcing for our clients, she is ermerging into the recruitment world.

Miriam Sara Suleiman

Research Analyst

Miriam joined our sourcing team with a lot of curiousity and high engergy. Her literature background makes her a great researcher and on top of that, she is fluent in English and German. With a hidden passion for PR, you might hear alot about more ACELR8 in the coming months.

Jonathan Hingorani

Research Analyst

Jonathan has a background in Law and a passion for great music (being a DJ back in Hong Kong). This hunger for structure, combined with a creative mind shines a new light on his role as 'Sourcer'. He is on a mission to structure the communication flows between the Talent Partners and Sourcing team in ACELR8 and hire the best talent globally. Also picking the fairly oddmparents as mascotte, is a sign on how smooth collaborating will go in the future. Like magic..

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