December 11, 2019
August 16, 2021

Hiring For a Fin-Tech Company

Daniel Marcinkowski

Previously on A-Players, we interviewed a Founder of MyCareerPath — Kave Bulambo.

This time, Michael had a chance to interview a founder of one of the most interesting fin-techs in Berlin — Andreas Bittner. He is a COO & Co-Founder of solarisBank, a Banking-as-a-Service Platform that enables digital companies to create custom solutions for their unique financial needs.

With his leadership experience and previous role at Finleap as a Venture Advisor, Andreas from the beginning of solarisBank was deeply focused on building the right team for the company. Gathering experts from the financial sector as well as from the tech one, allowed his company to acquire a German banking license in a record time of just eight months. His main goal in hiring is to look for people who have certain knowledge about banking, but also have an idea of how to translate the Centuries-old industry's processes into the digital world.

Listen to the interview to find out more about Andreas' approach to hiring, including hiring best business-matching leaders.

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