We match exceptional talent to Europe's most ambitious technology startups.

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Recruiting without the pain.

Over the last five years we've seen the importance of hiring right: from helping companies make their first technical hire, to helping companies make their last critical hire before their IPO. We have learnt that when startups work, they look like miracles, but they are in fact the result of hard work and impeccable execution by a group of people who have come together to achieve a common goal.

Our goal is to find you the right people.

Our service scales with your business.

Our focus is on engineering, product, and design roles. Our two core service models are as follows:

In-house Talent Partner

For when you need to grow, fast.

  • "Plug 'n' play" recruitment solution
  • We sit in-house 2-5 days per week
  • Filter and interview inbound candidates
  • Custom search tailored to your needs
  • Employer branding
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Interview training
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Executive Search

For when you're looking for that special someone.

  • Reduced risk, 'pay on success' model
  • Free until you make a hire
  • Custom search tailored to your needs
  • Weekly progress updates
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