Hiring in AI: Scaling deepset's Global Impact


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Natural Language Processing (NLP), deepset has carved out a unique position. Specialising in cutting-edge NLP technology, deepset enables  interaction between humans and computers. Their technology has a broad spectrum of applications, from chatbots and search engines to critical support systems in high-stress environments like aviation, where AI can assist pilots during emergencies. Competing in a niche market on talent demands innovative hiring strategies. That is why deepset brought Acelr8 on board.

The Value of Acelr8

Following the series B, deepset opened 20 roles, which resulted in the need for additional support from an embedded recruiting partner in addition to inhouse recruiting and traditional agencies. We dove into this new and specialised field, where it was all about finding & educating potential candidates from other industries about the value and potential of NLP technology.

The Results

Hiring NLP Engineer

Their next Senior Applied NLP Engineer had to be technical, customer-centric, german-speaking, and from a diverse background. This position was crucial for assisting clients with deepset’s offerings. Boosting inbound recruitment strategies with posting on Linkedin and communities, coupled with a commitment to a diversity quota, resulted in a strong hire for the role.

Building a recruiting data dashboard

In order to make informed hiring decisions, and give visibility to the investors and stakeholders, we created a comprehensive recruitment dashboard on Notion. This tool gave clear insights into recruitment performance and trends, enabling more strategic decision-making regarding hiring and headcount planning.

Hiring in the US

deepset’s strategy involved scaling into the US. One of the first hires made was the Senior Talent Acquisition Manager who significantly accelerated the company’s growth in sales and marketing roles on the ground. Secondly, market mapping became an essential tool in identifying potential candidates. By focusing on target companies across various funding stages but without established processes, deepset could adaptively "build the plane while flying it," ensuring a steady supply of talent for critical roles.

Saving costs on traditional recruiting agencies

Acelr8 took over a set of roles that would be filled by internal recruiters or external agencies. Not only successfully taking care of the full cycle recruiting of the Director of Finance and the Senior NLP Engineer, but also avoiding paying a free per hire.

deepset's journey from a niche player to a recognised leader in NLP technology is a testament to the power of strategic hiring, innovative recruitment processes, and a deep commitment to diversity and candidate experience. deepset has not only set new standards in the NLP industry but has also demonstrated the critical role of human capital in driving technological advancement and market success.

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