Growing quantilope's Tech Team in Hamburg

Quantilope is a startup based in Hamburg, changing the market research industry.


About quantilope

Quantilope is a startup based in Hamburg, changing the market research industry. Their SaaS automates all of the market research processes with a set of AI-powered tools. They give their clients access to advanced analytics, live reporting, and interactive visualisations. Recently, they opened an office in New York and have over 100 people on board who are very smart and friendly.

The Value of Acelr8

Scaling up the tech team

ACELR8 started working with quantilope on a contingent basis in summer of 2018. After we successfully hired two developers, they decided to switch to ACELR8 Embedded Recruiting service. Our Talent Partner, Estelle, was the first Recruiter coming onsite. The goal of the partnership was to scale up quantilope’s tech team by hiring one DevOps, five Full Stack Web Developers, and one QA Manager. On top of that, we also had to look for a Research Analyst. A big challenge here was that the Hamburg market is underdeveloped in terms of startups so that attracting and finding the right talent was demanding.

The Results

Setting up quantilope's recruiting function

Estelle closely collaborated with quantilope’s Head of People & Culture, Lea. Together, we were able to achieve many amazing results:

  • We set up a candidate follow-up process. The company worked with various agencies that sourced a lot of candidates, but processing them was very time-consuming for the hiring managers and Engineering Managers, Namir and Christian. We made the tech recruitment process more efficient;
  • We standardised the hiring process for the tech roles by creating a Trello board with the recruitment steps and candidate funnel;
  • We created a set of interview questions together with the Engineering Managers;
  • We started hiring from coding schools;
  • We re-shaped and promoted the company’s internal referral program (#quantimates) via a Slack channel and posters on all of the employees’ desks;
  • We established a partnership with a relocation agency Localize and tweaked the relocation package offered by quantilope. They started helping new employees with getting flats and covering visa fees.

1. Setting up hiring processes

We are proud that we were able to work with the company on such an early stage, help them set up the tech recruitment processes and achieve the hiring targets. Our work had a big impact on the tech team, and on future hires. Working directly with quantilope’s founders was a great experience for our Talent Partner Estelle. Understanding a whole new business and market to be able to share the passion for quantilope’s product was an amazing learning experience.

2. Long-term partnership

We are happy to see that the company is growing and we can’t wait to work with them on future hires! The next step? We will visit them again in October to give training about tech recruitment to a new joiner in People & Culture, Cosima!

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