Joining the VP People to set up the recruitment function at Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a successful yoga app.


About Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a successful yoga app. They started as an e-commerce platform and saw the need for an app with exercises for the yoga community. After raising series A and B, they took their reach and expertise one step further and are on the way to grow into the health app that serves needs such as mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise for their users.

The Value of Acelr8

Scaling up after a funding round

Asana Rebel just raised series B funding, and they needed to scale up engineering, marketing, and data teams on a fast pace. It started with the idea to build an in-house agency for content creation and building out all teams professionally. Hiring a recruiter was a solution they were looking into, but this set them back at least 3-4 months in hiring.

The Results

Scaling to 60 people

One thing we were particularly proud of is that we started hiring for a VP role on our contiguous agency model and although we did not succeed in getting the hire in, we transformed that relationship to our in-house model. Which means that we sent in two Talent Partners from ACELR8 to take over several recruitment on roles in tech and business — Angela, who was very persistent on interviewing and sourcing side, which is needed for tech recruitment, and Isabel, that played a strategic role in hiring to set up recruiting efforts.

We helped them scale from 40 to 60 people. Our flexible plug-and-play model made it possible to end our collaboration as soon as we onboarded their new Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Karolina Ketter, that took over our efforts:

  • Support the VP of People to build out the talent engine
  • Challenge the teams on how to build out their teams
  • Providing a recruitment training for hiring managers
  • 10 key hires to scale out the team (tech and business roles)
  • Onboarding new Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

ACELR8 is excited to be a trusted partner of Asana Rebel and support their needs in the future.

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