Scaling to 160: GotPhoto’s Growth Across Europe and the US


GotPhoto is on a mission to digitalise the world of people photography. They are a SaaS company founded in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, that focuses on helping photographers succeed by automating business tasks like pricing, marketing, and admin work. This focus allows photographers to concentrate on their craft: creating lasting memories for their clients. Operating in Europe and the US, GotPhoto's expansion into new markets has been powered by its recruiting partnership with Acelr8.

The Value of Acelr8

Our biggest pod of Talent Partners in Acelr8 history involved recruiters with various expertise to hire for tech & commercial teams. Through expertise and culture alignment, targeted employer branding, robust hiring practices, and effective interview processes, we've significantly contributed to GotPhoto's growth, solidifying their position in the industry.

‘The preparation in terms of skills we were looking for, personality profile, etc. were outstanding. The pipeline was quickly filled and the candidates were ideally selected so that we could quickly move the process forward on our side.' - Thomas Reinold, Hiring Manager at GotPhoto (10/10 NPS)

The Results

Fast Scaling Across Europe & US

GotPhoto set ambitious goals to expand its team from 60 to 160 employees by the end of 2023. The mission of Acelr8 involves rapid hiring without compromising on quality, covering both commercial and technical roles. This strategy emphasizes operations in both Europe and the US, particularly managing increased operational workloads during peak seasons. Key highlights include leveraging our offices for collaboration and cultural integration, ensuring these values are conveyed to candidates. A significant focus was placed on sourcing expertise, which accounted for 36% of the hires, and utilizing referrals, which made up 21% of the hires.

Development of Talent Acquisition Practices

Together we set up a strong Talent Acquisition process, including skills development, collaboration, and hiring processes, while maintaining GotPhoto's unique team culture. We built out a comprehensive TA library and centralised the new content: templates for kick-offs, job ads, and pitches. Created a strong support system for all Talent Partners by keeping a safe space to share challenges & discuss solutions and supported with the internal workshops, and strategised ways of presenting the TA function to candidates and the broader company alike. While hiring detailed skill maps to find the right Product Managers, resulting in diverse hires and ensuing the success of the team

Collaborating on Quality Interviews

GotPhoto initiated Hiring Manager training to enhance the capabilities of both new and existing managers. The focus of the TA team was to provide training with refined hiring processes in mind. During the sessions, Acelr8 offered increased resources and strategic insights into effective hiring strategies, equipping the Hiring Managers with the necessary tools for conducting interviews.

Employer Branding

We boosted Gotphoto's employer branding - this involved creating personalised videos for roles, suggesting to the Hiring Managers to post and share their roles on LinkedIn, and presenting the culture & values of the company on our Talent Partners' profiles. The next step was to co-create messages that showcased new roles at GotPhoto, as well as benefits, strategic growth plans of the company, and exciting product developments. All of this resulted in volume and quality of applicants.

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Employer Branding