Hiring Senior-levels to help with global expansion

TravelCar is a company that offers airport parking as well as car sharing.


About TravelCar

TravelCar is a company that offers airport parking as well as car sharing. They give people who leave their car home when they’re travelling to rent it to someone else. It’s a great opportunity for travellers to cut some costs. Currently, the app is available in 60 countries.

The Value of Acelr8

Hiring key roles for a global expansion

The company just received a €15 mln funding, and they needed people that would help them in their world expansion. At that time, they had 70 people on board, and they were looking to hire top candidates for their next growth stage. They reach out to ACELR8 to fill in positions like VP of Engineering, Head of Product, and Lead engineers.

We partnered with TravelCar with a goal of recruiting senior-level talents. We worked with them remotely, with partial onsite assistance, giving TravelCar full flexibility.

When we kicked off the mission, we sat with the CTO Mathieu to understand the roles and the positions we were trying to fill. After noting down the hard and the soft skills that were needed to perform successfully, we went on a search. We started by mapping out the market and looked for companies that faced similar challenges, in order to find matching profiles for TravelCar.

The Results

Hiring team leaders and Head of Product

1. Hiring team leaders to support a fast-changing environment

We started by looking for the VP of Engineering. Within a month and a half, we had three candidates on the final stage and one offer out. While interviewing the candidates, we were aware of the fast-changing environment that TravelCar operates in. This resulted in the decision to not hire a VP of Engineering, but split the team up into smaller groups and hire team leaders for them, including Adrien, Lead Mobile Engineer whom we hired.

2. Hiring Head of Product

After that, we worked on the Head of Product role. We scanned the French market for top candidates that stood out of the crowd, like Nicolas. He had a great strategic understanding, and he was occupying a similar role to the one we were hiring for. In other words — a strong candidate. He was motivated to join a startup and an entrepreneurial environment and therefore decided to join TravelCar.

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