Empowering eMobility leadership at Hubject

Acelr8 Executive joined forces with Hubject in the pursuit of a top-tier Chief Operating Officer.


In the dynamic eMobility market landscape, Hubject emerged in 2012 as a pioneering joint venture with the vision of “accelerating the digital EV ecosystem, advancing towards a sustainable mobility future.” Today, with a growing team across Berlin, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, Hubject stands out as an ambitious market leader developing innovative solutions in direct response to the challenges of the evolving eMobility market.

The Value of Acelr8

Acelr8 Executive joined forces with Hubject in the pursuit of a top-tier Chief Operating Officer. The goal was clear: to secure a leader who could play a pivotal role in achieving sustainable, scalable, and efficient growth. Delving into the industry to make sure that the right talent is attracted. The first outreach and interview was also the candidate hired for the role. Nevertheless, it is important to grow the talent pool along the way and make sure there are candidates to compare. Let’s dive into how we made a successful leadership hire at Hubject.

The Results

  1. Immersing Ourselves in the World of eMobility

    From the outset, delving into Hubject’s vision and strategy required a deep understanding of the eMobility ecosystem, its diverse industries, and stakeholders. This involved extensive research into the market, coupled with an exploration of the 'why' behind Hubject’s strategy. By tailoring our search to the company's needs and the nuances of this specific role, we set the foundation for success. Our team's commitment to asking the right questions to both the CEO and Hubject’s leadership team was fundamental in this journey.

  2. Supporting the Definition of Objectives

    We recognised the importance of ensuring that the chosen leader possessed the necessary skills and expertise and seamlessly aligned with Hubject's strategic goals. It was not merely about filling a position but about securing a visionary leader who could drive the company towards its envisioned future.

    In the early stages of our collaboration, a meticulous evaluation of the COO's role revealed a potential mismatch in terms of the scope and responsibilities. This discovery became a central moment, underlining the significance of constant communication and collaboration in the search process.

  3. Matching Our Search to the "Hubject Style"

    In the pursuit of a COO, we recognized the critical importance of aligning our search strategy with the unique characteristics that define the "Hubject style." This went beyond a surface-level understanding of their business operations and required collaboration and alignment with multiple stakeholders throughout the interview process. Recognizing their fast-paced nature, we fine-tuned our communication style to match Hubject's urgency, resulting in a positive client NPS of 9.

  4. Prioritising Quality Over Quantity

    Given the specificity of this search, instead of inundating Hubject with a multitude of candidates, our focus was on presenting a select group of highly qualified individuals whose skills and experience precisely matched the requirements of the Chief Operating Officer role. By emphasising quality, we aimed to save both time and resources for Hubject, streamlining the decision-making process and ultimately leading to the successful placement of a COO who not only met but exceeded expectations.

  5. Highlighting Diversity

    In a traditionally male-dominated industry, we took our commitment to diversity seriously, making it a key focus in our strategy. Our mission was clear: to actively include a diverse range of candidates in our search for a new leader. We aimed to bring as many talented female and diverse candidates into the pool as possible, ensuring that our selection process was both rigorous and inclusive. As a result, we successfully placed a female Chief Operating Officer, underscoring our dedication to diversity as a central element driving success in the eMobility landscape.

Well informed, thorough, fast and regular follow-ups, excellent! - Annemarie Van Leijen, COO at Hubject, on her expeirence of working with Acelr8.
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