Building teams for female health


Clue is the #1 doctor-recommended period & cycle tracking app. Across the globe, more than 10 million active users rely on Clue to help understand their bodies better and keep their data safe and private.

“When spotting a pain/blocker, I proposed a solution got started on it and involve the stakeholders with updates, feedback, and ideas.” - Marian, Talent Partner,  on partnering with the CTO for hiring.

The Value of Acelr8

Clue brought us onboard to support scaling the team with 60-80 hires in one years time. The challenge was to hit those ambitious hiring targets, including very niche roles, while improving the Talent Acquisition processes that could support future growth.

The Results

Hiring the TA team

1x Head of Talent, and 1x Recruiter- with two Talent Partners we boosted the Talent Acquisition team, improve and implement processes, drove planning and execution. Our Talent Partner Marian was the go-to-person for all things talent, which involves checking in with the team on how they are doing on hiring, their workload and the progression. This partnership approach, led us to build a function for growth.

Improving hiring processes

We were improving the plane while flying it, which we love about building startups. Started with listening to the team, and their needs, and translating that into processes. This involved: standardisation of scorecards, unifying the process, creating a strong candidate experience, interview training, understand what makes a Clue leader, and so.

Hiring 25+ FemTech professionals

Hiring across all function, such as Engineering, Marketing, Product, Data, Finance, IT Security, a new challenge from hiring niche roles in the medical field. Armed with our experience in hiring for high-growth tech startups, we adjusted how to find, attract, screen and hire talent.

  1. Find? Market mapping on other Health-tech companies, mainly to figure out titles, find related skills and with that create a list of channels to source candidates from. The outcome was to find candidates on LinkedIn, medical conferences, network of Clue team, network of medical experts we spoke to, several fertility & woman health clinics we partnered with.
  2. Attract? Speaking with candidates we found out there was a huge opportunity to find out their motivations for working in the medical field.  In the tough years of COVID medical staff wanted to be out of the hospitals. Another driver was the impact that contributions to the Clue app could make, not helping a few patients every day, but reaching millions at the same time.
  3. Hire? In close collaboration with the Head of Science and Chief Medical Officer we set up a thorough screening, covering high-level medical knowledge, tech-savy-ness and ability to work on a technical product like Clue. Working in a hospital or strictly medical environment is different than joining a tech startup like Clue, so to see if that bridge could be build was something we tested in the screening.