Transforming Talent Acquisition

Leapsome is the all-in-one, intelligent people enablement platform trusted by CEOs and HR teams at more than 1,500 forward-thinking companies, such as Spotify,, and Unity, to drive employee development, productivity, and engagement.


Leapsome was founded in 2016 by Jenny von Podewils and Kajetan von Armansperg. Having witnessed the growing pains of fast-paced companies, they learned firsthand how crucial good processes for feedback, alignment, and engagement are.

The Value of Acelr8

Hiring for Hypergrowth

The key challenge at Leapsome was their ambitious goal to make 100 hires within 2022, but without having to hire more permanent internal members of the team. This is where our Plug & Hire came for rescue. With that we were able to give Leapsome the flexibility to extend the project when required and also terminate the contract once hiring had slowed down. And that all without worrying about having to let go of internal members of the department.

The contract was repeatedly renewed based on the strong stakeholder relationships that were developed. The organisation recognised the reliability and efficiency in delivering hires, allowing the internal TA manager to concentrate on specific objectives and implementing tools and processes.

The Results

Scale up the Customer Success Team with 10 hires

With our support Leapsome was able to fully scale their Customer Success Team to where they needed to be within 6 months.

At Leapsome, we made a deliberate effort to foster strong relationships with the three team leads and the VP of Customer Success. This involved immersing ourselves in their work styles and personalities, enabling us to swiftly identify which candidates would align well with the team's culture. This approach saved us time by avoiding unsuitable candidates. We established an open and fluid communication style that facilitated smooth hiring processes. (To maintain a steady stream of potential candidates, we actively sourced individuals on LinkedIn, received inbound applications, and benefited from employee referrals. This diversified our talent pool, ensuring a continuous flow of candidates in various stages of the hiring process. As the recruitment progressed, we sometimes faced tough decisions, as we couldn't hire everyone. In these instances, we carefully assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate before extending an offer.)

Immediate impact 

An existing well-established and very process-driven internal TA team meant we had to become part of it in a short timeframe andlearn the Leapsome way. Acelr8 team was based and working remotely from the UK.

We swiftly onboarded, shadowed interviews, and built rapport with stakeholders. The embedded model prioritises efficiency and prompt action. By actively participating in team meetings, we understood their culture and processes, enabling quick and effective hires.

Data-driven recruitment

Despite the existing interview processes, we had the opportunity to propose data-backed suggestions and amendments, which were successfully implemented.

At Leapsome, we oversaw working student and intern hiring. Identifying a bottleneck in the process, we analyzed data from Ashby and found that the video challenge stage was causing candidate dropouts. We recommended its removal and highlighted the need to reduce the time-to-hire. Changes were made to streamline the process and improve efficiency.

Concluding Leapsome's Hiring Journey

In conclusion, our project with Leapsome was a resounding success, encompassing both the establishment of meaningful relationships and the attainment of hiring objectives. We provided them with the necessary support during their hiring and growth phase, demonstrating adaptability and flexibility in response to evolving circumstances and business needs. It was truly fulfilling to play a pivotal role in their growth across various departments and to foster strong connections with stakeholders and the internal TA team. Our Talent Partners felt valued and integrated as a part of their internal team, making the experience all the more remarkable.