From Local to Global: How Koyeb Hired from France into Europe


Koyeb the next-generation serverless platform providing the fastest way to deploy applications globally. The platform provides a smooth developer experience with no cloud-specific technology. The platform comes with fast, continuous deployments and built-in versioning to deploy continuously. The HQ in Paris, but the team now works 100% remotely within Europe.

The Value of Acelr8

The biggest challenge in Koyeb was the absence of a dedicated TA or People Function. To address this, we prioritised building trust with the founders and became actively involved with the team. In addition, the tech market conditions were unfavourable, but we tackled this challenge by ensuring that candidates were well-prepared and fully informed about the situation. We also maintained close communication with candidates to keep them engaged and informed throughout the process, ultimately navigating the challenging tech market effectively.

The Results

Scaling team to 18 employees from France to Europe

At the outset of our collaboration, the entire team was located in France. Together, we successfully orchestrated the growth of their team, extending it from 8 to 18 employees strategically located across different regions in Europe.

Fulfilling the hiring plan

At the time, Koyeb was in its initial stages of operation, with several product features under development. Thus, the recruitment of highly niche specialised roles played a pivotal part in driving the business forward, solidifying the realisation of our hiring plan.

Founder-led hiring

Working closely with the founders to hire for their teams successfully ensured that Koyeb could bring onboard the strongest talent. On vice versa, the talent was dfireclty in contact with the founders and bought into the mission and vision of the company. Founder-led hiring in early-stage startups works!

The project had a slow start, partly because we were operating in a tough tech market. Since Koyeb was still in its early days, finding the right candidates with all the necessary skills was a challenge. But with good teamwork and communication between Koyeb and A8 we managed to reach our goals. The embedded setup turned out to be the best choice for Koyeb.

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