Rasa: Quality Hires Effectively Sourced


For the past number of months, ACELR8 has worked with Rasa to help find key hires in their rapidly-growing company. Sourcing and recruiting for 17 senior positions in a range of departments, the ACELR8 team has helped ease the hiring pressure for this tech firm. 

To learn more about their experience with ACELR8, I spoke with Liam Morley, the Director of Talent Acquisition at Rasa. 

This year, two Talent Partners from ACELR8 have joined the team, Angela Ndagire and Lawrence Cox. Together they help Liam and the Rasa team source and recruit high-quality talent.

What is Rasa? 

Rasa offers companies an open-source conversational AI. Used by large corporations and telcos the world over, they are quickly gaining traction as a time and money saver that can be applied at scale. For Rasa, this is great news, but it also means a large amount of growth. 

During the conversation, Liam mentioned the idea of scaling and how fundamental a problem it can be for early-stage companies. Liam told me:

“You know, I have a friend in talent acquisition and they’ve just raised an 80 million Series B. It’s just him and one other person in the talent team. They’ve got to hire 200 people, and he asked me: what can I do? And I said, well, you’re screwed.”

This problem of scaling was something that Liam identified as a key issue for Rasa, and something that the ACELR8 team has helped with. 

The Value of Acelr8

Two years ago, Liam started as the 20th employee at Rasa. Now, there are 120. In the next year, they want to keep pace and continue to scale, hiring another 160 employees. To do this, they reached out to ACELR8, and we’ve helped them ever since:

“My opinion on every recruitment company around the world is that the brand doesn't matter so much - all that matters is the person working with you, right? Then I met Angela and she was incredible from day one.”

With our embedded form of recruitment, our Talent Partners are placed in your company, meaning that their skills and talents come to the forefront. It also means that, instead of multiple people on numerous contracts, each company has one dedicated person entirely focused on their hiring needs. 

“I wanted them to be a complete extension of the team. So things I expect from my team, I would expect them to be involved in. For example, we'll have a retrospective for Q3 tomorrow and I expect Angela and Lawrence to be there and give quality input.”

This is the value that ACELR8 can bring - good quality input. Thanks to our close connections with clients, we have a wealth of information and insight that we can share with you for a range of situations.

“We had this thing about take-home tasks for an engineering role. Angela went and spoke to a bunch of ACELR8 people and gathered a load of data. I like that - it helped us to make a decision and push a decision through our hiring managers. So things like that are really good. You have the hive mind behind you helping you.”

We also regularly release playbooks, how-tos, and guides for free on our website to help you hire right. Additionally, we host Talking Talent events, sharing industry knowledge with our peers to help us all grow and develop.

The Results

Long-Term Benefits

Along with recruiting new talent at Rasa, Angela and Lawrence also offered long-term hiring advice and expertise for Liam and the team.

“Angela at the moment is building our playbook for all front-end engineering hiring. So now, in five years time, someone hires a front-end engineer, and that's from the playbook. You know, that's pretty cool.”

This is the quality recruitment advice and assistance that ACELR8 can bring over conventional agencies. Before bringing Lawrence on to the team to join Angela, Liam also brought in an agency service to help with their recruitment process. 

“I took on two people from an agency, and it just didn’t quite work out. They just did not have a clue. As in, they would find CVs and shove them down your throat. And all I could think was that there is so much more to your job than finding a CV - that's 5% of it. They didn't do the rest and that was a really interesting contrast, actually. And that pushed me to go and get Lawrence”

As Liam said, we do more than just show you some CVs. We research, we reach out to high-value talent, we work with hiring managers, creating recruitment plans, playbooks, and resources for long-term hiring solutions. While speaking on the embedded process, Liam explained his views on the approach: 

I've known ACELR8 for a while and I really love the model. I didn't realise the model existed when I first went internal, otherwise, I probably would have wanted to work in it for a bit myself. I really think it's just such a good way of having an impact.”

As Liam said, the Embedded Model allows ACELR8 Talent Partners to have more of an impact with clients. With a more invested approach, the team can create a more comprehensive and well-researched hiring strategy for you and your team. 

If you’re searching for a quality recruitment service, we’re here to help. From hiring your whole team to more specialised, executive services, ACELR8 is open to helping you with it all.  

Are you a recruiter? Tired of the conventional hiring process? We’re on the lookout for new talent that can help us change recruitment for the better.