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door2door is a mobility-as-a-service company that is famous in Berlin for the ‘Ally App’ they launched to drive citizens through the city on a Friday night.


About door2door

door2door is a mobility-as-a-service company that is famous in Berlin for the ‘Ally App’ they launched to drive citizens through the city on a Friday night. They aim to make cities a place for people and not cars. They achieve this by collaborating with municipalities to get ride-pooling on demand on the streets integrated into the already working mobility systems.

The Challenge

Building the company

Facing changes in people team and upscaling hiring needs, door2door needed recruitment power to build out their teams. Over time the needs for scaling changed, due to changing funding goals, new departments and a refresh in the people team.

The Results

Collaboration with door2door

1. Full-cycle in-house recruiter on demand

One Talent Partner joined in-house to do full-cycle recruitment: kick-off roles, handling inbound applicants, sourcing, interview training, and hiring. This grew into a long-term collaboration where we are most proud of the flexibility we could offer: while their hiring needs changed, we could adjust the availability and tasks of our Talent Partner’ accordingly.

E.g. working on an executive role, which requested a network-based recruitment approach and the other time building out a totally new team, which required strategic advice on the hiring plan and nurturing off candidates on building a department from scratch.

  • Creating recruitment processes from scratch
  • Challenging on hiring strategies and growth of the teams
  • Interview training for the hiring managers
  • High-quantity sourcing, combined with a sniper approach for executive hires
  • Putting our brain into HR topics while scaling

2. Long-term collaboration

This combination of strategy and hands-on work is just the beginning of the love story between door2door and ACELR8, as we are always on call with door2door to serve them in their recruitment needs. An example is the recent Senior Recruiter we placed on our contiguous model, to give them the combination of long-term and sustainable recruitment power with our flexible in-house model on top of it.

Listen to our interview with Tom Kirschbaum, Co-CEO & Founder of door2door.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

ACELR8 subscription-based pricing is split in a small retainer fee for getting a dedicated recruiter onboard and a small fee per hire. This makes it cheaper, the more people you hire. Alternatively, depending on your hiring needs, we can also offer you a flat fee.

What happens if we don’t make a hire?

In the very unusual outcome that ACELR8 is unable to fill the role, then you only pay the small retainer fee!

How do I find out more?

Get in touch! You can do so here or via the chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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