Scaling a Global Health Company to 200 People

The Ada app makes it easy for people to check their symptoms and receive easily understandable health information.


About Ada

Ada is helping people around the world to actively manage and understand their health. The Ada app makes it easy for people to check their symptoms and receive easily understandable health information. But there is more to Ada than just the popular health companion app — a key aim of the company is to make healthcare more accessible to everyone worldwide.

The Value of Acelr8

Growing across all the teams

The concept is transforming the health industry and captured investors’ attention which secured Series A funding of €40 million towards the end of 2017. After this, the company entered hyper-growth to further grow the company and continue the development of the product.

With this growth came the need for recruitment and so ACELR8 moved in-house to help them with their scaling needs. A range of roles needed to be filled fast including business, medical, tech, people, marketing, and design — at a variety of seniority levels, including Team Leads to guide all of the new-joiners.

The Results

Processes, hiring, and new learnings

ACELR8 joined Ada on their scaling mission just before the end of 2018. The idea was to clean up the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), educate hiring managers how to use it, start sourcing for roles in the medical team, and set up foundations for the full-time recruiters who would join in January — all within December.

1. Familiarise the team on working with an in-house recruiter

Ada is an excellent example of how ACELR8's in-house model works. Our recruiters set the groundwork, became integrated by working onsite, and got to know the company, its mission, and culture from the inside. We worked closely with Ada's Director of People, Larissa-Patricia Naue, and the new in-house recruiters who joined at the start of the year. Working together, we were able to:

  • Hire 55 people from December 2018 and growing the team to over 200 people
  • Clean up and migrate to a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Collaborate and help educate Ada's hiring managers about working with recruiters, the new processes in place processes and how to integrate them into their daily workflows
  • Help the company set up the processes to make the hiring as effective and efficient as possible
  • Host Ada's VP of Marketing, Marvin Rottenberg, as a speaker during our Talking Talent event on health-tech.

2. Hiring people for the key roles

Some people we hired over past months had a huge impact on the company already:

  • Director of UX Research, James Mckinnon – the UX Research team delivers experience design and service design to teams, which helps the business build a stronger connect with users as well as connect dots to leverage product teams to become more impactful. We brought James in for his expertise in this field and working experience with global brands.
  • Product Owner Global Health Initiative, Maithili Pai – she joined Ada from an AI health-tech company based in India. Her experience is a Product Manager and her personal insights (coming from one of the Global Health Initiative’s markets) are very relevant for the role.

3. Hiring a multilingual Medical Knowledge team

One of our biggest achievements is growing a multilingual Medical Knowledge Team. We even got a chance to interview Gustavo Vidal, a Medical Knowledge Engineer, about working for Ada and his role at the company – making the app available in even more languages, which ties into their mission to bring the future of personalised health to everyone.

4. Gaining knowledge on hiring within the healthcare industry

Being at Ada was a great way to learn more about the healthcare industry and the complexities involved in developing new tech products for this space. Ada Health definitely understands these challenges and is well underway in transforming this area. Watching the company’s impact on the health industry as a whole with things like the Global Health Initiative was truly inspiring. They bring very much needed attention to these important health changes and challenges.

Our collaboration with Ada was one of the most exciting opportunities we had. We were happy to help them hire for key roles for the company’s scaling, set up hiring processes, and built foundations for recruiters to come after our Talent Partners. We are looking forward to working with them in the future.

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