Take me to your Leader(ship): Reinventing Executive Teams at CareerFoundry


About The Client

Headquartered in Kreuzberg, Berlin you’ll find CareerFoundry, a Series A EdTech focused on careers in tech. From graduates to mothers and everyone in between, CareerFoundry’s vision is to make technology careers accessible across the globe.

The Value of Acelr8

Biggest Challenge

With a passion for EdTech, Acelr8 Executive were excited to take on this big challenge. The primary objective?  Reshaping the leadership team! Simply put, hire a CPTO, CRO and a CMO within 5 months.

CareerFoundry recognised that achieving these goals in-house would be challenging, leading them to seek a specialised Executive approach and give them access to: Leadership network, strategic research and time-saving work.

The Results

Impact of Acelr8 - the 5 main steps we took to reach success:

1. We defined needs and objectives

Before we stepped into the hiring process, we deep-dived into the needs and business objectives for the next few years.

It’s vital to understand the strategy and how the new roles align against future business needs. This took a lot of questioning and understanding past data from the company.

2. We forged trust

As executive search TP’s you are privy to extremely confidential information. Without this information, the exchange in partnership will rarely lead to fruition.

However, it’s not so easy to simply forge trust. Like all relationships that exist, an Executive Search TP needs to put in effort, time and passion. Connect on commonalities both professionally and personally and watch your partnership blossom.

Our trusting partnership resulted in an average of 8.6 NPS across all roles.

“The onus of trust is typically placed on the Executive Search TP, but without a trusting stakeholder the partnership cannot reach its heights. Martin (CEO) gave us a lot of trust and really brought us into the world of CareerFoundry.” - Georgia May.

3. We built scalable processes

Building repeatable interview processes across all three roles, helped us reach our average time-to-fill rate 78 days and time-to-hire of 37 days.

Within these interview processes we focused on skill-based hiring. Much like the non-traditional approach of CareerFoundry; our orientation was forward-thinking. Prioritising practical abilities and proficiencies of candidates against the business objectives. This way of hiring opens up the market map outside the sole focus of Edtech.

4. We targeted selectively

Alongside CareerFoundry, our work is built upon the aspiration of diversity through the gender-lens. We were able to bring  50% female candidates into the process for both the CPTO & the CMO.

This is only possible through very selective targeting and activation of the network and often a challenge faced by companies.

5. We had 100% first-time offer acceptance

Due to the time, frequency and cadence we spent with our stakeholders and candidates. We were able to close all 3 candidates with first-time offers.

Closing is the final surge of dopamine within the process, and if you’re not 90% sure a candidate will accept the offer then the EVP and business objectives have not aligned well enough. Spend more time with both stakeholders and candidates and close at every conversation and interview.