Hiring in Web3 for Gro

Hiring talent for the web3 space, educating the team on the current market changes and bringing onboard some stellar talent!


Gro (Grwth Lbs), build new DeFi products that combine the technological innovation of blockchain and the best of traditional finance. Their mission is to bridge the worlds of DeFi and legacy banking to create solutions that didn’t exist before and to empower people to take control of their assets and cut out intermediaries.

The Value of Acelr8

Having experience with hiring in the web3 space, made the collaboartion with the recruitment, people and marketing smooth. When Acelr8 partnered with Gro, they were struggling to find the quality of talent they were looking for. They found that inbound applications were not up to standard and sourced candidates were falling short throughout the process. They needed our sourcing support, education of the team, smoothing out of hiring processes and a way to restore confidence in an unstable market.

The Results

  1. Setup for web3 hiring - We created a Market mapping document, which outlined web3 competitors in the market to understand the wider blockchain sector. As a follow-up, we implemented a salary analysis structure that identified the industry averages for certain roles in the market. And finally, optimised the hiring processes by eliminating certain stages to make sure the candidates stayed engaged with the process and made it more streamline.
  2. Educating the team - We lead regular knowledge-sharing sessions about hiring strategies for web3, blockchain, and shared insights to help the wider teams.
  3. Smooth hiring processes - We implemented a new ATS which helped with collaboration with all people involved in interview processes and proved to be cost-effective. Next to that we sourced and implemented an internal tool called Karat, which supported with coordinating interviews and coding tasks, that ensured candidates and HM were aligned.
  4. Staff retention during uncertainty in web3 space- We worked on restructuring the hiring roadmap to adapt when wider market movements influenced our recruitment drive. In collaboration with the operations team, we successfully retained 100% of staff during challenging times and maintained clear hiring objectives.
  5. Cost-saving - During the 7 months that Gro partnered with acelr8, they saved 60% on their hiring costs by using our embedded service with a monthly flat rate, instead of working with a traditional agency that would charge a commission for every hire and not manage to get results beyond those hires.

”Gro was an incredible project to be a part of; the biggest challenge was structuring an engineering interview process that tested for potential as much as quantitive experience. Not all candidates had built smart contracts in Solidity, so our main focus was providing a technical process that screened for capability beyond web2 languages.” - Jonathon Cooper, Talent Partner at Acelr8

Talent Partner