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Advantages of working with ACELR8 X

Precision & pace

Combining our deep expertise and access to executive networks enables us to work dynamically and hire the right leadership fit in an average of 8 weeks, breaking the industry standard.

Leadership network

At ACELR8 we build and nurture relationships with multidisciplinary leaders and C-level executives that value and advocate diversity. Focusing in particular on female leadership within tech, data and product.

Part of your team

Our Executive Talent Partners  become part of your team, both in your remote setup or onsite. This enables us to access your DNA, map a desired executive profile and advocate for high touch leadership hiring within your business.

Who we partner with

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

ACELR8 subscription-based pricing is split in a small retainer fee for getting a dedicated recruiter onboard and a small fee per hire. This makes it cheaper, the more people you hire. Alternatively, depending on your hiring needs, we can also offer you a flat fee.

What happens if we don’t make a hire?

In the very unusual outcome that ACELR8 is unable to fill the role, then you only pay the small retainer fee!

Can I hire ACELR8 to come in-house?

That is exactly what we do! Our Talent Partners become part of your team and take over full-cycle recruitment. Book a call here to find out more.

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