Contributing to a Strong Culture at Medbelle


About Medbelle

With its Digital Hospital, Medbelle helps thousands of patients in the UK get a more personalised, caring, and smarter experience of secondary care treatments.

What sets Medbelle apart in the digital healthcare space is how they combine their software products and services to build exceptional end-to-end journeys for their patients, while taking over all administrative tasks for their partner surgeons and quality tracking - achieving their mission of raising the standard of healthcare and making it accessibly to all.

The Value of Acelr8

Biggest Challenge

With exciting scaling plans for 2023, Medbelle sought external recruiting support to work on an ambitious hiring goal to grow many of their departments, including Engineering, Patient Care, Partnerships, and Culture & Talent. Given that there was no internal Talent Acquisition team yet, Acelr8 carefully selected 3 Talent Partners to embed with Medbelle’s team for 4-6 months to bring their previous experiences in startup, tech, and healthcare hiring.

“We have just finished a 6-month project with ACELR8 and grown our team by 40% across all different types of departments during this time”, - Daniel Kolb, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Medbelle.
The Results

The Value of Acelr8

  1. Working as an embedded team allowed Acelr8 to truly partner and build a strong relationship with the hiring teams to deeply understand their recruiting needs and overcome some of the challenges that arose, such as searching for talent in a constantly changing talent market, filling up the urgent positions, and finding candidates with a genuine motivation for Medbelle’s vision.
  2. Acelr8 had another big task: to grow Medbelle’s Culture & Talent team. Partnering with the Co-Founders to hire for these positions helped in iterating on the profile requirements, interview process, and final decision with lots of insight. While we had to carefully manage the processes to adapt to their limited availability to interview on certain weeks, our joint efforts led us to successfully fill the Senior Culture & Talent Manager, Junior Culture & Talent Manager, and their Senior Talent Partner positions.
  3. Thirdly, the impact was found by setting up a documentation structure for the future internal recruitment team. Think about a revamp of recruiting templates, a library full of hiring resources and knowledge, a guide for setting up the Talent Pool more efficiently, and a reorganisation of the Job Boards for optimal use. The latter already created a big advantage in the newly joined recruiters’ onboarding.
“Our team said that they really belonged to us as they were able to adopt our mission like no other external company I’ve ever worked with” - Daniel Kolb, Co-Founder and MD at Medbelle.

Building close relationships with the entire Medbelle team was key to filling the roles, as we were able to understand the vision, culture, and values like an insider - facilitating the attraction of great candidates.