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October 27, 2018
August 16, 2021

Andre's First Month at ACELR8

Andre Jank

The beginning of my relationship with ACELR8 started even 2 years before joining. It was after a couple of glasses of wine, at a friends birthday dinner, that I came to meet my now-colleague Mark. He introduced me to ACELR8’s plan and after a while, it became clear to me that this could be a good path for me to follow.

Time went by and in another play of faith, I randomly met Michael, the co-founder of the company. We discussed the future and decided to give it a try. I left my previous commitments and was onboard.

During the interview period, I met my new colleagues and was thankful for the right cultural fit. The business model was changing, the number of clients was exponentially growing and the overall excitement was evident. It felt like things were boiling up and that’s what thrilled me the most.

After going through it and learning a whole lot about our market and where we stood, I proved myself right when I first thought about joining. This was indeed where I wanted to be. To enumerate some of my notes from then:

  • Freedom
  • Hands-on environment
  • Speed in solving issues
  • Openness to talk and debate ideas
  • Commitment to projects
  • Positive environment
  • Fun but smart

When I joined, I wanted a fast pace environment which would put me in situations where I needed to learn daily. On that first month, I learned tons, failed many times and delivered some “yeses” as well. After that, I went in-house and the learnings continued.

The story goes on and it’s been an amazing experience every step of the way. Looking forward to what lays ahead!

Thank you!

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