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September 23, 2021
December 7, 2021

15 Top Tips From Our Top Recruiters

Lewis Mc Cahill

Recruitment is a versatile, demanding industry. Every client needs something different, and every recruiter needs to be able to adapt to those needs. But, if you’re new to the industry, how do you overcome those first hurdles? Here, The ACELR8 recruitment team provides you with their key tips for those starting out in the recruitment industry.  Here are fifteen essential tips for your recruitment journey: 

1. “Be an open book” 

When you first fall into the world of recruitment, it can seem like a daunting place to be. Every task and hire requires something new, and the answers are not always right in front of you. The key advice here is to go in with an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is nothing worse than falling deep into a problem and feeling like you can’t ask for help. We’ve all started new somewhere. It's better to accept your ignorance and learn from the best than try to forge ahead on your own. ACELR8 has a host of playbooks that can help you get started in your new career. From your first day as a new hire, ACELR8 can take you through all the ins and outs of recruitment to help you be the best recruiter you can be. 

2. “Celebrate your background”

Recruiters begin their career from all walks of life, not just through HR or recruitment studies. Whether you were a flight attendant, marketer, or advertiser, everyone has unique skills that they can bring to the table. Be proud of your talents, and look to others for advice on how they can best help you shine in your new role.

3.“It’s a people business - embrace the chaos” 

There is no 100% correct way of approaching every mission in recruiting. Every candidate has different skills and talents, it’s up to you, as a recruiter, to discover them. Sometimes you need to separate yourself from the status quo and most-walked path and step outside of your comfort zone. It’s often in the chaos and through a new approach that you’ll find a new solution. Above all, remember that you’re working with humans, so use a human approach. The best way to get results is to approach people with a candid, sincere style; that way you get to know their true character and personality.

4. “Be prepared for the highs and lows”

The recruitment business is a rollercoaster of an industry. You will have high moments and great expectations, but it won’t always go your way. Champagne and razorblades is the phrase that comes up most, and it rings true. Not every day, week, or even month will go your way, but it won’t be like that forever. Just remember that there are a million moving parts to every hire, and you are not in control of most of them. Just trust your process, focus on the goal at hand, be open and communicative, and, when the good moments come, really appreciate them. 

5. “Don’t be so hard on yourself”

You can’t be in control of everything at once. Sometimes, a client drops a contract and it has nothing to do with you. Sometimes, you can do everything perfectly and things still don’t work out. In the recruitment industry, it’s important to remember that you’re just one functioning cog in a piece of machinery far greater than you. Respect your processes and understand that sometimes things will go wrong, and that’s okay. It’s also important to make the most of this; mediating with clients and negotiating with candidates to be proactive in every step of the process. Yes, a client can drop you, yes, things are out of control. But, what we have control over as recruiters is to build connections, mediate conversations, and make sure that we give the best experience even when things are hard. That's the life of a consultant.

6. “Ask as many questions as you think you need to” 

It’s always best to fully understand what’s needed before taking on a new mission. Even so, when starting as a recruiter, always ask more questions. It’s fundamentally important to fully understand what your client needs and what your candidate can provide. If you don’t ask enough questions, you won’t be able to make the right match. In the remote world, it can also be quite difficult to stay on the same page as your client or candidates. When this is the case, it’s important to create a shared space, meeting, or designated time for questions, no matter how small and unimportant. In many cases, it’s often the most insignificant question that can lead to a better understanding of what’s needed. 

7. “Remember, we’re all people — keep the human element”

It can be hard to remember sometimes that you’re dealing with people. The hiring process can dehumanize individuals, no matter how empathetic you may be. Take time to ask candid questions to your candidate; even something as simple as asking them how their day is going. Interviews are nerve-wracking experiences, sometimes it’s hard to remember that when you’re on the other side and you’ve spoken to ten other candidates that day. People will share more of themselves when they feel at ease, and you can understand them better. This is vital in finding the right candidate that not only fits the role of your client, but also the culture. 

8. “Fake it ‘til you make it”

In short, remember that you should believe in yourself more than you think you should. It’s all about giving yourself the momentum and best possible opportunity to provide a great service. Confidence is key when it comes to recruitment. Believing in yourself allows you to take the time to get comfortable with the task at hand, which is the easiest way of finding the right approach. But, it’s also important to know when to say no. You need to give a lot of yourself to clients, candidates, and coworkers in this industry. When you need to slow down, slow down, because overwork and a burnout benefit no one.

9. “Be like a sponge” 

In the beginning, everything is important. Take the time to really look around and understand exactly what it is you’re meant to be doing. You’re going to be working with a lot of clients, all with unique cultures, needs, and budgets. Be like a chameleon and really sit and blend in with your clients. This is the best way of understanding their ethos, pain points, and needs. Often if you take the time to notice a small issue in the early days of a contract, you can stop it from becoming a major problem in a short amount of time. 

10. “Ask lots of questions. Then, when you think you’re out of questions, find some more to ask” 

Knowledge is everything in hiring. Find out what your client really wants, how you can make that happen, and how to find that candidate that perfectly fits the role. Sometimes, clients don’t fully know what they want, it’s up to you to ask the questions that help them discover what’s best for them. Take your time, be curious, and see the full picture before you make the next step. At ACELR8, some of our talent partners practice talent therapy with their hiring managers. In these sessions, the talent partner asks sharp questions that help hiring managers hire for trajectory and business needs. This way, they get to the root of the issue, helping to hire the ideal talent for you. 

11. “Find a good mentor” 

Your manager is your manager for a reason. People in places of seniority made it there because they know what they’re doing, and they know how to get things done. Ask them for advice, and take their guidance. Use other’s knowledge to help you get started on your recruitment path. You’re not the first person to start off in the hiring business -- ask the people who have been there before so you can skip over those first hurdles with ease. At ACELR8, we started the A-Players podcast to create a fountain of information from industry leaders. Make this your first step in learning about recruitment from the very best.  

12. “Manage Expectations”

Not everything is within your control, and it’s important to not promise things that you can’t deliver. If a candidate is asking for feedback, check with the client before you can actually provide that information. If a client wants a certain number of hires by a certain date, step back and see if you can provide that. It’s good to push your abilities, but don’t create a roadmap that is impossible to achieve. 

13. “Don’t run before you can walk” 

Learning the ins and outs of recruitment takes a long time. Start with the basics and move on from there. A great metaphor is water polo. If you want to teach someone water polo, you can’t just throw them in a pool with a ball and let them figure it out for themselves. First, they need to learn how to swim. Ask yourself if you’ve really mastered the basics before you move on to the advanced aspects of hiring. Not only will this help you develop in a clear, steady way, it will also benefit your team in the long run. 

14. “Every role matters”

Not only does every role matter, but, within a company, they are all connected. Sometimes when you receive hiring requests it may seem clear-cut what’s needed and where you can best source a pool of talent. But, sometimes it’s a good idea to look at how that role fits within the company. Do they really need this role? Does the job description need to be altered to cater to the rest of the department? Make sure that each position collectively adds to a positive culture, structure, and dynamic. 

15. “Collaborate”

At ACELR8, we use the knowledge and resources of our whole team. It’s rare to be the first person to come across a hiring issue or blocker. We’ve created playbooks, resources, and how-tos for every step of the hiring process. Along with our hard-earned experience and information, we also share our candidates. One candidate may not suit a certain role, but might be ideal for another position with a separate client. Using the full potential and know-how of your team and peers is the best way to provide a smooth and effective workflow for you and your client. 

These core tenets of recruitment can help you with every facet of the hiring process. Use your talents and unique experiences to provide a tailored service for your client. Listen, be proactive, and be curious about everything. Recruitment is a people business; it’s important to maintain the human aspect with yourself, your client, and candidates. At ACELR8 we take all of these tips to heart, ensuring that we can present each client with the knowledge and security that their hiring needs are in good hands. From executive-level hires to entry-level positions, these tips can help you find the ideal candidate. 

ACELR8 works with businesses in a range of sizes and sectors; from the seed stage to IPOs. In each case we use these tips and our embedded framework to provide a modern and seamless recruitment approach. If your company is looking for recruitment solutions, reach out to the ACELR8 team today.

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