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September 29, 2023

Hiring is broken, so we started a community to help fix that

Isabel Strijland

Working for six years, in over 100 startups in Berlin, Paris, and London, we realised a lot of companies face similar challenges in their hiring. Startups struggle to build a diverse team, to assess talent, to outline a clear career path, to measure their recruiting impact, to set up their employer brand etc. Therefore, we invited diverse voices on stage to come up with solutions that can have an immediate impact. This is how our event series Talking Talent was born. Now we take it one step further and have built the Talking Talent Community:

A global community for founders, leaders, and builders (just getting started) who want to master hiring.

There is the notion that an HR department or a recruiting team will overcome these challenges, but we believe hiring is not only the job of these departments – hiring is a team effort. The quality of hires comes from the ability of the whole team to interview and assess their candidates; the ability of the team to understand what their team needs, in order to hit their goals, in order to fulfil the mission of the company; the ability of the team to communicate through job descriptions, interviews and conversations. Our community helps you gain those skills. You can see Talking Talent as your secret weapon for hiring.

When you join, you get access to:

  1. Network – create unexpected connections with fellow startup talent. Learn, share, and grow your network by joining our community of over 1200 startup leaders that want to master hiring.
  1. Events – collaborate to come up with solutions. We host bi-weekly events which give you the chance to, meet like-minded individuals from the best startups worldwide, in order to collaborate on quick, effective solutions to critical challenges in hiring
  1. Resources – use your secret weapon. Receive our premium summaries, podcasts, and hiring playbooks focusing on key insights from our experts in hiring.

Are you working in a startup and is hiring part of your responsibility to be successful? Join Talking Talent to connect with other startup leaders, and use it as a resource to build out a great company. By empowering the whole team to be better at hiring, we follow a bottom-up approach to help fix what is broken in hiring. We amplify the voice of the people working at the forefront of hiring. As Michael Jordan once said: 

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

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