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September 13, 2023
September 29, 2023

Understanding The Importance Of Excellent Candidate Experience

Matthew Cooper

What defines a positive candidate experience? The transformation in candidate experiences has significantly influenced the hiring process for both employers and candidates. Rather than simply progressing candidates through various stages, employers must now focus on providing a meaningful and memorable experience for each candidate, ensuring that every interaction leaves a lasting impression. This article highlights the significance of a positive candidate experience and the impact it can have on your client's hiring growth.

What Is Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience refers to how candidates feel during the hiring process. It can be influenced by the quality of interactions with hiring managers and recruiters, the effectiveness of assessments, and efficient time management. The combination of their positive and negative feelings is what we call candidate experience.

What Great Candidate Experience Can Mean for a Company: Understanding Its Significance

In my own journey as a Talent Partner, I've come to appreciate the vital role that transparent and honest communication plays in crafting a positive candidate experience. Each interaction with candidates, regardless of the stage, offers a unique opportunity to shape their perception of the companies they have applied to. Whether it's the initial outreach, the interview process, or even the final decision, I've learned that being straightforward and dependable in my communication goes a long way in leaving candidates with a positive impression.

Candidates' initial impressions of your brand are crucial and affect their choices during the hiring process. Here are some key findings that I have taken from Lever:

  • 83% of employees state that a bad interview experience can alter their opinion of a role or company they initially favoured.
  • 80% of job seekers would be disheartened to explore other suitable job opportunities at a company that doesn't inform them about their application status.
  • 72% of job seekers who had a negative candidate experience have shared their feedback on online employer review sites like

What are the Benefits Of A Positive Candidate Experience?

Attract Better Quality Candidates:

From my own journey in the world of recruitment, one thing has become crystal clear, candidates talk, and top talent listens. Today's competitive job market makes a company's reputation vital. How candidates are treated during hiring reflects how the company values its employees. With the growth of remote work, candidates have more choices than ever. In this context, the interview process is crucial, offering insight into the company. Every candidate interaction leaves a lasting impression and impacts our reputation with top talent

Speeds Up Your Clients Hiring Process:

Through working with various clients I've witnessed how a positive or negative candidate experience can significantly speed up or slow down the hiring process. When candidates have had positive interactions, they tend to be more responsive to requests for information and commit to scheduled interviews.

Enhance Your Client Brand:

I've come to understand that every candidate who interacts with your client's brand, regardless of the outcome, should leave as a brand ambassador. When candidates have a positive experience during the hiring process, it's a testament to how the organization values its potential and existing employees.

As a Talent Partner, I've learned the importance of managing candidates' expectations, providing realistic timelines for decisions, and offering personalised feedback throughout the process. This approach not only leaves a positive impression but also ensures that candidates become advocates for your brand.

Improves Offer Acceptance:

I've found that maintaining open communication throughout the hiring process is crucial. When dealing with top talent, it's essential to remember that they often have multiple job offers to consider, and it's not always about the paycheck. By really getting to know your candidate and showcasing your company's culture, you can create a sense of excitement about the prospect of working with your organisation. This enthusiasm increases the likelihood that they'll accept your job offer.


I've learned from my own experiences that even if we don't ultimately hire a candidate, providing them with a positive candidate experience can form long-term benefits for our clients. There's a sense of satisfaction in knowing that our interactions with applicants extend beyond the immediate hiring decision.

It's quite common to unintentionally focus on recruiting candidates you know you can easily bring on board while neglecting the rest. However, this approach only works for short-term benefits. Someone who may not fit one role could be a perfect match for another.

In this context, a great candidate experience is when candidates feel heard, and an exceptional one is when even rejected candidates gladly recommend your company to others.

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