October 19, 2023
February 6, 2024

Embedded Recruiter vs. In-House Hiring: Making the Smart Choice

Andre Jank

Are you stuck deciding between hiring a full-time recruiter for your company or bringing an embedded recruiter onboard? Before making this crucial choice, let's break down why the traditional path of hiring in-house might not be as straightforward as it seems.

What is an embedded recruiter?

This is not an in-house, agency or freelancer. An embedded recruiter is part of a recruitment company, like Acelr8. They will embed (become part of) in your team for a set amount of months full-time, taking care of full-cycle recruitment. Why does this work for your team?

Embedded recruiter becomes part of your team

1. The Cost Factor:

Hiring a full-time recruiter comes with a hefty price tag, ranging from €50,000 to €60,000 annually. But that's not all; there are additional expenses to consider:

  • Office equipment costs, adding up to €2,000 per year.
  • Essential tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, setting you back €7,000 per year.
  • Benefits for the employees.

A substantial monthly commitment of nearly €70,000 for bringing somebody into your team. Once that person is onboarded and hits the ground running, your hiring needs can be different again. Imagine that funding was lower than expected and your company goes into hiring freeze. You now have to pay 3 months salary to lay-off the person, and have emotional and reputational damage. A total of €100,000 to bring you back where you started.

“Saving a lot of time while on-boarding embedded recruiters, that can hit the ground running from day 1.” - Zak Benbakkar, Senior Engineering Manager at Soundcloud.

2. Avoid Associated Risks:

When you decide to hire in-house, you're also taking on certain risks:

  • Time to Hire: Finding the right full-time recruiter can be a long and arduous process, taking approximately 2 months. During this period, your organization stands still, incurring both opportunity costs and the burden of training and onboarding. Not even taking into account the time spent by finding the right candidate, evaluating them, and hiring.
  • Volatile Market: The job market can be highly unpredictable. Layoffs and unexpected changes, particularly in industries like tech, are common. Terminating a full-time recruiter's contract, especially in countries like Germany with a 3-month notice period requirement, can add significant financial strain and potential negative employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor.

“My team has only one recruiter from Acelr8, Khalil, but he is a great representation of the caliber of recruiters that Acelr8 can provide. He is a great addition to the team and delivers great results.” - Hanna Blume, Technical Recruiting Leader a Volvo Cars

3. Bring Expertise onboard

Enter Acelr8's Embedded Recruiter, a solution designed to meet your specific needs. Here's why it's the superior choice:

  • Expertise: Acelr8 talent partners come with an innovative approach that offers immediate expertise and the agility to adapt to shifting market conditions in the hiring landscape. It's not only cost-efficient but also allows you to fine-tune your hiring strategy as needed.
  • Network: access to a network of recruiters with deep connections in the top talent market—essential in today's fast-paced environment.

“I always use a mix of agencies, as every recruiting partner brings a new perspective that my recruitment strategy can benefit from” - Carolina Veiga, Director of Talent at Hotjar.

4. Get flexibility

You need to make your recruitment team market-proof, preparing it for fast scaling, but also for low times. Bringing onboard seasoned Talent Partners through our embedded model gives you flexibility:

  • Immediate start of experienced recruiters
  • A plug-and-play model that grants you unmatched flexibility, with just a 4-week notice period for cancellations.
  • You can pause us, to re-onboard later.

Let’s dive into a few cases to show how every company uses the flexibility and expertise of our talent partners for a different case.

“It was a very smooth process. Acelr8 was a true partner and made an impact from day 1. They showed a very entrepreneurial mindset with quality of service, that fitted perfectly with our stage of business.” Sarah Ottowa, VP People at Clue

Snapshot of results

How did other companies like DeepL and Soundcloud make the choice for Embedded?

Smaller and bigger companies use Acelr8 Embedded to set up their hiring efforts, or scale out their teams on specific use-cases:

Those different use cases show how recruitment needs differ company to company. Getting expertise with flexibility will accelerate your hiring.

“Great experience, definitely love the Acelr8 embedded setup and working with experienced talent partners. The overall process is smooth, with calibration, sourcing, outreach, screening, and interviewing! Love the international culture and mindset :) ” - Yann Leger, CEO & Co-founder at Koyeb.

Get an embedded recruiter onboard

Choosing ACELR8's Embedded Recruiter is a wise and cost-effective decision. It offers speed, expertise, and the adaptability your organisation needs to thrive in today's ever-changing hiring landscape. As you weigh your options, consider the value and convenience this solution provides, and don't hesitate to explore the possibilities by scheduling a call at your convenience.

Making informed recruitment decisions can significantly impact your company's success. Choose wisely, and opt for Acelr8's Embedded Talent Partners.

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