The Winning Duo: Documentation and DEI at Humanitec


Humanitec is a 100% remote global SaaS company, providing a new solution for optimising software delivery to DevOps and Platform Engineering teams across the globe.

They had the ambitious goal to grow their headcount by 300% in one year time. With only 22 employees, and all recruitment operations being handled by the COO, they got Acelr8 in to support on hiring.

Our goal was to match the hiring with the desired growth (300%), fill dozens of newly opened positions and handing over recruitment ops to a new internal talent team. These were the main challenges to tackle.

The Value of Acelr8


Before their partnership with Acelr8, most of Humanitec’s recruitment documentation was spread across Notion, Google Sheets, Excel, and Lever, their ATS. This meant there was minimal standardisation and quality control across roles & departments.

Strengthened by our years of experience with early-stage startups, we supported the evolution of Humanitec’s recruitment process to suit the needs of a fast-growing global company. The new documentation enabled fast collaboration across departments and set out clear SLAs and expectations for all hiring stakeholders, significantly improving efficiency within recruitment ops. Ready to onboard the new Head of Talent Acquisition.

'Some of the best documentation I’ve seen in my 10 years of recruitment experience' - Alex Beardsmore, Head of Talent Acquisition

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Another valuable addition Acelr8 made to Humanitec’s growth was through DEI: inspired by a company-wide knowledge sharing session about gender & LGBTQ+ identities during Pride month, this sparked an increased awareness and appreciation for DEI topics among Humanitec employees, which then prompted senior leadership to consider how they could incorporate DEI into their company culture & hiring.

Working closely with the COO and Head of Staff, we presented a training session on recognising & avoiding bias & discrimination for interviewers, and contributed to the creation of an equitable candidate evaluation framework to embed fairness and equity into the recruitment process.

'Hannelore’s DEI efforts impacted Humanitec in more ways than one: she helped us to create a more welcoming & inclusive environment for our diverse employees, which improved attrition, as well as starting our journey of painful but necessary growth within the company’s culture.' - Christoph Richter, COO

ATS Transfer

One of the final projects we completed before finishing our journey with Humanitec was the transfer of all recruitment operations from Lever and the implementation of Ashby, the new ATS. Due to the extensive work already done with documentation, we were able to fully transfer all relevant data & operations from Lever to Ashby in under 10 days, including fully automating all email templates, scheduling, and interview stages for all roles.

'ATS implementations normally take several weeks if not months to execute end to end, so it was impressive to see how the full ATS implementation at Humanitec was completed within just a few days.' - Daniel Sedgwick, Engagement Manager & Interim CEO at Acelr8
The Results

Our two Talent Partners made a total of 23 hires during the 7 months we partnered with Humanitec and saved 75% on hiring costs by going with our A8 Embedded solution over working with agencies. Saving over 350,000 EUR* during this critical stage in their growth journey.

  • 10 hires for the Sales & Customer Success departments across EMEA and the USA, launching these functions into a new stage of growth
  • Reduce average time to hire was almost 50% (from 46 days to 26 days), a huge improvement!
  • Hiring challenging roles like, Cloud QA Engineers and the Heads of TA & Customer Success
  • Hiring across 10 different countries on remote contracts, with a fully remote recruitment process.

*we calculated this figure based on an average salary of 100k and traditional agencies charging 20% as opposed to our monthly retainer fee for Acelr8Talent Partners

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