September 30, 2021
June 8, 2023

Why You Should Work With ACELR8

Lewis Mc Cahill

First off, ACELR8 is not a recruitment agency. 

It's a common misunderstanding, but it is not an agency - it’s a recruitment service

As a service, ACELR8 provides long-term hiring solutions, not temporary fixes.

Embedded recruitment is one of the fastest-growing hiring services in the industry. Why? Because, for rapidly growing companies, it provides a plug-and-play system that gives you an advantage. 

With the embedded model, ACELR8 becomes fully integrated into your company, allowing our talent team to fully understand your business model, culture, and needs.

With an agency, you get a once-off hire made by a recruiter managing multiple accounts. At ACELR8, Talent Partners work on only one client at once, making it their mission to provide you with a focused, complete experience.

One of the core tenets of ACELR8 is that great companies grow thanks to great people. We want to provide you with these great people through effective sourcing, expert interviews, and a model that focuses on mutual growth and development.

At ACELR8, we work hard to source the best people for our team, cultivating talent that has the resources and opportunities to develop. Even if you have zero recruitment experience, we see our Talent Partner role as a mini MBA in recruitment. 

Whether you’re looking for recruitment solutions or to become a member of our talent team, this article can help you learn more about how ACELR8 hires better. 

What is Embedded Recruitment?

Embedded Recruitment involves a hiring team being placed inside your company.

With this approach, you receive a far more clear and consistent hiring process. Being actually embedded in the company makes it far easier for ACELR8’s talent partners to fundamentally understand what your hiring needs are. They can also then work with you throughout the hiring process, meeting with your hiring managers and providing feedback and learning materials throughout. Also, when your hiring needs are complete, we can plug out of your company as smoothly as we plugged in. 

ACELR8 provides four main advantages in our hiring method:

  1. An Inside Approach
  2. Shareable Expertise
  3. Modern Tools
  4. Industry Knowledge

1. Inside Approach

ACELR8's talent partners attend all your standups, are part of your Slack channels, and learn everything they can about your work culture and hiring requirements. They work with your team to fully understand your hiring and growth needs. Thanks to this in-depth approach, your ACELR8 Talent Partner can create an efficient sourcing and hiring service for you from the very first day.

2. Shareable Expertise

Along with this internal approach, the ACELR8 talent team also brings all of their knowledge and expertise to the table. Our team has spent years working with countless clients, learning and documenting every hiring approach and method. We share all of this info with our clients as playbooks, letting them grow with us. The ACELR8 playbooks cover everything from hiring remotely to providing equity to your employees and are all available for free on our website

3. Modern Toolset

ACELR8 uses extensive connections (and a little in-house magic) to provide you with a cultivated list of exceptional candidates. Already vetted, screened, and approved, our team works smarter so you don't have to work harder.

In the end, the numbers don't lie: more than 65% of ACELR8's hires come from sourced candidates.

We take the time to discover the right clients for you, reaching out to the best candidates and doing the legwork to ensure we hire effectively.

4. Industry Knowledge

Once a month, ACELR8 holds an Academy Day, inviting industry leaders to share their knowledge. After the show, ACELR8 offers a playbook of every vital piece of hiring information and shares it with our clients. This way, you and your company can grow and develop from the same knowledge and expertise as we do.

The Embedded Model is designed to adapt, and we’ve taken full advantage of that to create a seamless, versatile hiring service. ACELR8’s clients all have unique qualities, and every position demands a new approach. We work with companies of all sizes, from a variety of industries, catering to each one's needs from the very first day.

How ACELR8 Hires Better

ACELR8's Talent Partners are more than just recruitment agents. Remember - ACELR8 is not an agency. We aim to offer a full suite of recruitment services for your team, not just a basic hiring service.

The role of the Talent Partner is to create a positive hiring experience, eventually leading to the right candidate being hired for your company. They do this with effective screening, sourcing, and adaptation. Not only does this help your brand thanks to a positive application experience, it can also provide your company with a more inclusive and diversity-first experience.

ACELR8's talent partners also focus on a hiring strategy that removes bias, improves hiring diversity, and ensures that the best candidate gets the job.

Our team also creates efficient sourcing strategies and improves social media branding, all of which they leave with you when their contract is up. Our model focuses on providing an approach that is more than just recruitment, offering a suite of additional services that help to develop your long-term recruitment process.

ACELR8 is designed to be a Health Boost for our clients. Instead of just hiring a few employees, our talent team provides new practices that help improve hiring, branding, training, and inclusivity. We also maintain strong standards when it comes to our hiring process. 

ACELR8 Hiring Standards

1. Following The Playbook

ACELR8 works with each client to create a personalized hiring experience. But, within that, there is a gold standard approach, which we share in our playbooks. ACELR8 creates tailored scorecards and interview questions, along with coaching your hiring managers to recruit more effectively. Talent Partners also have shared knowledge bases, allowing them to share tips, resources, and potential candidates for a more collective approach.

2. Candidate Satisfaction

Talent Partners also focus strongly on the candidate experience. They want your new potential hires to feel listened to and appreciated, making the hiring process all the smoother. Then, when they start at your company, they already feel welcome and catered to.

ACELR8's offer acceptance rate is over 80%. We maintain this by providing thorough schedules, feedback opportunities, and access to all of our resources to help every successful candidate learn and develop.

3. Fast Scheduling

Recruitment can be fast-paced, and it's important to be ahead of the game as much as possible. ACELR8 uses tools to ensure that clients, candidates, and their team can communicate and schedule seamlessly.

Our sourcing process focuses on contacting candidates and maintaining that communication, ensuring that they retain their interest and motivation throughout the hiring experience. A lack of communication or feedback can often lead to an ineffective hiring process; we maintain this line of communication with modern tools and proven workflows.  

4. We Talk Back

ACELR8 works with your hiring managers, documenting and sharing every process to help them improve their expertise. Hiring manager training can also be provided for companies that are just starting on their development journey. ACELR8 also hosts weekly meetings with your hiring manager, along with monthly retrospectives, to keep channels open and learning opportunities available. 

Overall, ACELR8 is all about positive and constructive hiring experiences and processes. We want to change the way people hire, because we all know the system needs improvements. By working with us, either as a client or a candidate, we not only want you to find a new position or star employee, we want you (and us) to learn and develop along the way. 

Like what we do? Then work for us. ACELR8 is always on the search for new talent to help us create a new approach to recruitment.

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