Frontify - Effectively Boosting Their Success


For the past number of months, ACELR8 has worked with Frontify to help find key hires in their rapidly-growing company. Sourcing and recruiting for a wide range of senior positions in a variety of departments, the ACELR8 team is helping them to find key candidates for their most in-demand roles.

To help with their increased hiring demand, Two Talent Partners from ACELR8 joined the Frontify team, Gabriel Johnson and Cinzia Melograna. 

Since joining, they have helped hire 22 candidates in a wide range of roles.

To learn more about their experience with ACELR8, I spoke with Keil Stewart, the Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Frontify

What is Frontify?

In the words of Keil: 

Frontify aims to simplify brand management with a platform that connects everything (and everyone) important to the growth of your brand. It helps you to bring everything together, when you look at how you work with your brand, how you can collaborate with your teams, and how that's distributed.”

The Value of Acelr8

The Frontify & ACELR8 Partnership - How it Began

“With the Series C round that we gained in Q3 last year, there was the importance of growth and scaling. 

We wanted to grow the company as we continued to scale globally, particularly our R&D and Commercial teams.

With the numbers we were looking for, it was important to look at a talent strategy and how to achieve those goals. Of course, it's important to hire your own recruiters - we didn't really see the agency model as the best approach. But to help with the faster scale, we thought of an embedded approach where recruiters were part of the company and part of what we did. 

Embedded was a more logical step for the company and for the team, in terms of what we wanted to achieve from a candidate experience, engagement perspective and the journey versus an agency approach. It has been a combined effort that has brought us success.”

Why ACELR8? 

“Whenever we in the company assess anything, we always look at whether or not you can really partner together - whether you believe that that company will have a true interest in what you're trying to do and achieve. 

I think, ultimately, that was important - that you vibe together and it’s not just a transactional effort. We wholeheartedly felt that with ACELR8.”

As an embedded service, our Talent Partners work within your company, actively working to help the team grow and develop. When we work with our clients, we want to help them succeed in finding the best fit for their open roles. As well, we want to learn from them as much as we can - these relationships should always be reciprocal. 

The Value of ACELR8 - The Impact of Quality Recruitment

Gabriel and Cinzia both embedded incredibly well within the teams and the feedback has been exceptional for them both - Cinzia on the commercial side, Gabriel with the R&D group. 

They're still here nine months on, which is a real testament to the success we are having together.”

The priority of our Talent Partners is not just to get hires in the door, it’s to structurally create a recruitment plan with their stakeholders that will help the company in the long run. Gabriel and Cinzia have maintained that with Frontify, spending the past nine months expanding their team with a focus on quality and long-term benefit. 

For both of them to have been successful, there had to be a natural bond with the team - mainly relationship building and communication with the wider group, which they’ve both achieved.”

The Results

Together, Gabriel and Cinzia have helped to hire for 22 positions, mainly at the executive and senior levels. 

The trust and availability that ACELR8 could provide allowed for Frontify to be able to rely on our Talent Partners to create an efficient, trustworthy hiring pipeline and focus on other aspects of the company. 

Keil explained how Gabriel and Cinzia were given a high level of responsibility in that regard: 

“Gabriel was responsible for the last six months in developer hiring and he has certainly done that quite successfully, especially in leading the stakeholder relationships there - there was a lot of trust given to him for that. 

On the commercial marketing side, Cinzia has been trusted with hiring for critical roles that we have, including account executives. They've done both very efficiently.”

ACELR8 has a strong speciality in hiring for senior and executive roles. In fact, we have a specialised service, ACELR8 X, run by our highly experienced executive hiring team. 

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to improve the quality and equality of your hiring process, reach out to us

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